Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Tonight's blog concerns itself with aging, something we all have to face, some of us earlier than others. Let me preface the poem by saying it's a bit "tongue in cheek".  It is true that until recently I was often mistaken for someone much younger but then again, perhaps, I've been easily duped or succumbed to blatant flattery. Regardless, it made for a fun poem.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

By Patty Lynn

I’ve never really noticed, or should I say, examined…
In detail my reflection, or, should I say, imagined…
Exactly how my aging has altered my appearance
Or given any thought to my old age, yes, I was fearless.

But part of that was due to my good genes, so I’ve been told,
When age came up I shared my age and prefaced I was old,
And usually, I’d get a quick response and then surprise…
With more elaboration like, “We can’t believe our eyes!”

But suddenly the whole thing changed, the day had finally come.
No more the shocked observer who confirms that everyone…
Cannot believe the age I give, no more are they aghast...
To find I’m older than I look, alas, that day has passed.

Though it’s a big adjustment, I confess, I, too, concur...
And just this past week I was shocked, it really caused a stir.
Who was that staring back at me in that ill-placed reflection,
That unexpected visor mirror turned in the wrong direction?

What was the thought that crossed my mind when catching that brief glimpse?
It’s hard to see just what I saw, that image made me wince.
But there it was, was no mistake, for what I saw was this-
A wrinkled face I’d never seen, my image seemed amiss!

But as I said, there’s no mistake, my image now brings tears.
This lady who once looked to be much younger than her years…
Must face the facts, down to brass tacks, I’m all of 72!
It sure was nice with years on ice but now that game through.

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