Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Tonight's blog concerns itself with aging, something we all have to face, some of us earlier than others. Let me preface the poem by saying it's a bit "tongue in cheek".  It is true that until recently I was often mistaken for someone much younger but then again, perhaps, I've been easily duped or succumbed to blatant flattery. Regardless, it made for a fun poem.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

By Patty Lynn

I’ve never really noticed, or should I say, examined…
In detail my reflection, or, should I say, imagined…
Exactly how my aging has altered my appearance
Or given any thought to my old age, yes, I was fearless.

But part of that was due to my good genes, so I’ve been told,
When age came up I shared my age and prefaced I was old,
And usually, I’d get a quick response and then surprise…
With more elaboration like, “We can’t believe our eyes!”

But suddenly the whole thing changed, the day had finally come.
No more the shocked observer who confirms that everyone…
Cannot believe the age I give, no more are they aghast...
To find I’m older than I look, alas, that day has passed.

Though it’s a big adjustment, I confess, I, too, concur...
And just this past week I was shocked, it really caused a stir.
Who was that staring back at me in that ill-placed reflection,
That unexpected visor mirror turned in the wrong direction?

What was the thought that crossed my mind when catching that brief glimpse?
It’s hard to see just what I saw, that image made me wince.
But there it was, was no mistake, for what I saw was this-
A wrinkled face I’d never seen, my image seemed amiss!

But as I said, there’s no mistake, my image now brings tears.
This lady who once looked to be much younger than her years…
Must face the facts, down to brass tacks, I’m all of 72!
It sure was nice with years on ice but now that game through.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


So last Sunday, a Sunday like all the rest, or so it seemed and then it happened.  I suddenly felt out of sorts, it's happened about twice a year, my stomach feels queezy, I brake out in a cold sweat and, as luck would have it, Frank was out of the house walking the dog and I felt like I had to get to the bathroom.  The way there seems fuzzy and, in fact, when I got to the doorway of the bathroom, I just simply passed out and fell forward onto the bathroom floor and there I lay until Frank returned.

He could see that I was hurt.  I was bleeding all over the floor and all I needed (I thought that was all)
was the little green cushion I needed to kneel and get up.  And Frank says, "We've got to go to the ER!"  But I said, "Why?"  I just hit my head a little, at least that's what I thought.  And then I looked in the mirror.  I had a 4-inch gash in my chin, a bump on my head, and, let's put it like this, I knew he was right.

So that's where we went and fortunately, it was pretty dead so we didn't have to wait long.  The doc was really nice and said it was pretty common and that there was nothing I could do to prevent this and it just happens when your blood pressure bottoms out.  I expected stitches but, as usual, I'm in the dark ages.  They don't use stitches anymore, they use glue.  So I was glued and released and, well, it looks worse than it is but if I attach a picture to this blog, it would really gross you out.  So that was the inspiration for tonight's blog.

By Patty Lynn

I have a purple jacket for Spring and for the Fall,
But never has it matched my face, at least I can’t recall…
A time when I have born the scars of such a tragic spill,
And though my memory’s not the best, this fall, it never will…

Be long forgotten, stands alone, it’s one that’s for the books.
In fact, when in my present state, poor Frank gets dirty looks.
For, yes, it looks like I’m abused, looks like I took a punch,
But rest assured, that’s just absurd, though wish I could expunge…

This episode, I wasn’t owed, nor should a soul go through it.
And yet it happened, who knows why, my pressure chose to do it.
The doc, he said, “We don’t know why, it happens to some people,
I’d like to say it happens once and there won’t be a sequel…

But chances are it’s bound to be a re-occurring challenge.
So when it happens you’ve found out, stay low to keep your balance.
That way you can’t fall down and then you’ll simply ride right through it.
Your BP, if it bottoms out, there’s really nothing’s to it.”

Not reassuring, that’s for sure, looks like I’m stuck with this.
Just hope and pray, that’s days away, wish I could just dismiss this...
As only something I will have for one and one time only,
Say, wouldn’t it be nice if all I had to do was slowly…

Wake up each morning, slowly stretch and rise to start the day,
And know beyond a single doubt this thing had gone away?
But that’s not how things work and we’re just victims of the random,
And when things happen as this did we cannot call a stand-in.

Just think how Sunday I woke up, the day seemed like the rest,
An ordinary day it was for all I knew the best…
Of all the days I’d ever had, a day like I’d elect,

My BP drops, I fall down hard with vasovagal effect.

Friday, October 13, 2017


A week ago today I turned the ripe old age of 72, yay!!!  In truth I still can't wrap my head around it, just because I'm young enough to remember in my younger days, 72 seemed really old.  But as a wise women once said, " It is what it is." And that's the truth.  We can't change it so we might as well embrace it.  Besides I'm still around watching my children raise their children and I get to enjoy the best role I've ever had, Grandma.

But I still try to keep up appearances. I don't do the nightly regimen of wrinkle creams and age spot lighteners hoping to still grasp the skin of my youth but, I have always been of a mind never to leave the house without wearing at least some makeup.

I have always spent a lot of time on my eyebrows and, for whatever reason, I just wasn't born with tails on my eyebrows. Only recently have I noticed that the front portion of my eyebrows is balding! Consequently, I spend between 15 -25 minutes reconstructing the whole of my eyebrows, trying to make tiny hairlike strokes, so as to not look like I have 2 caterpillars crossing from one side of my forehead to the other.

Which brings me to tonight's blog and the birthday surprise?

By Patty Lynn

I know you’ve heard the phrase that goes “the gift that keeps on giving,”
But that was never truer than my gift, and I’m not kidding.
I never could have guessed this gift, it caught me unawares,
And while I just wait for it, I’ve got to say, I'm scared.

What could it be you wonder, I hope you’re sitting down,
For when I tell you what it is your jaw will hit the ground.
But I think that I’ll wait a bit to tell you what it is.
Just to imagine such a thing, one passing thought I’d give.

So there before me was my gift, I can’t believe my eyes.
I never thought I’d get this gift, this utter, grand surprise!
I’m sure, like me, you’d stare and stare then read the short description…
And ask yourself, if this could be, now was it fact or fiction?

But though you’re in a state of shock you think that it’s terrific,?
(I hear you thinking to yourself, “Hey, Pat, please be specific.”)
I’m wond’ring if my eyes deceive, I really can’t believe it.
I see it there in black and white, but I still can’t conceive it...

That something I had entertained, if only for an instant,
Was staring there right back at me, my shock, it was insistent.
What is this that you’ve opened here, come on now, Pat just tell us,
Enough now, stop your teasing, from all this drama spell us.

OK, I’ll tell you what it is because you’d never guess it
I do so love a “guessing game,” OK, I must confess it.
Yes, I’ll tell you about my gift, it simply is terrific.
A gift that was particular, for “ME”;  it was specific.

You might not know my eyebrows are a problem ‘cuz they’re thinning,
So trying to construct each one I start from the beginning,
First shaping, tracing, filling in, with hairline strokes to finish.
The time to do this, it’s a lot, try 15, 20 minutes.

And so my gift gives back my time, it’s EYEBROWS that are permanent,
Done by an artist who is skilled, I’m thrilled in the affirmative!
Her work speaks for itself, can’t wait to be a client
I’m anxious to lie still and be just quietly compliant.


Saturday, October 7, 2017


Some time ago when I was going through my weed-out, throw-out, organize phase I came across some old videotapes of shows and performances I did as far back as 27-29 years ago. Videotapes being obsolete, I asked my brother-in-law, Jim, to record them all on a thumb drive when he found the time.  Today he brought those he had finished and my husband and I had a ball watching a portion of them.  What a Hoot!

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed seeing the younger me doing all the things I did then, singing like I can't any longer, wearing the "fabulous" polyester everything, sequin bejeweled, shoulder-padded performing outfits and having an absolutely fantastic time doing it. It would have been so easy to become depressed over how I looked and sounded then as compared to now, but rather I thoroughly loved the experience and I realized that it was a gift to be able to relive those years.

By Patty Lynn

You see an object, have a thought, it sparks a memory.
You ponder it and then it leaves but for a moment see…
Just how the past has shaped the now, the person you’ve become,
Sometimes it lingers, and sometimes not, but often leaves you crumbs…

Of how you were and how you looked, for nothing stays the same.
And whether lasting or abrupt, a trip down memory lane.
That’s what I’d call the trip I took today as I could see…
Some people, places, things I did that shaped & molded me.

Let me explain just how I took this trip not many can.
I watched recordings of myself made over quite a span.
These were performance videos of me in different settings,
From church shows to the theatre, loved how the years were shedding.

Amazing how your body changes in twenty-seven years,
The waist expands, the wrinkles come, the worst of aging fears.
But that’s exactly what I found when watching on the screen…
A ME from all those years ago, what’s happened in-between...

T’was obvious but matters not, in truth an education.
You see how much you’ve changed and yet there’s no point in fixation.
Time marches on and we can’t change the changes that will come,

But living in that skin again, I’ve got to say was fun.

Monday, October 2, 2017


Today I made the second investment in this project that, as the title suggests, is taking more time than I thought it would.  Over the past 6 years, I've been the story lady or more specifically Grandma Goodstory for the 3 & 4-year-olds at Sunday School at the church.  But I did decide that last year was my last year and now I'm putting together all the written stories, props, object lesson materials, puppets and their costumes, etc. so that those who fulfill the duties of telling the stories would have some materials to refer to in the process of preparing the Bible Story Lessons.  In addition, over the 6 year period, I did 120 poster size illustrations for the class and had them laminated so they would last.  That's all well and good but now I have to number them with a corresponding key so that someone can find what they might need.  What a job, daunting, to say the least!  So I'm hoping that in a few more Sundays I may have them arranged in such a way that someone could find what story cards go with what story, have them numbered and keyed, and they can be a good teaching tool.  Wish me luck, or should I say, pray for me.

By Patty Lynn

Now wasn’t it supposed to be that Sunday was for rest
Assuming that you gave & gave to work, your very best?
It didn’t matter if you had a job outside the home,
Or if you were retired, or married, widowed or alone…

You had a list of things you did at home or at the office,
Or if you were called “self-employed” or answered to some bosses.
The point is you’re a doer, you accept, there’s nothing to it.
While others need directions and a roadmap, you just do it.

So every week you’ve got a lot of things you must complete.
There really is no let-up, you accomplish and it’s sweet!
But then here comes the weekend and for many that means fun,
A movie or a game of pool, “Hey, drinks for everyone!”

At least that’s how we hope it goes when we put in our time.
The week is jam-packed, full of tasks, indeed, an uphill climb.
But Saturday’s reserved for home, some catch-up things to do,
And then the “Day of Rest” is here, it’s Sunday, just for you.

But when you take on way too much, agree to give away...
Your time and talent to design an ease-of-handling way,
Then you can bet your Sunday’s shot and many more besides…
‘Cause it takes time to make it right, you just can’t let it slide.

But when you’re done, although you’re spent, you reap a great reward.
That’s when you say that it was worth the effort that you poured...
Into the time it took to make a system they can use,
For when you give yourself, your time, you get more than you lose.