Sunday, September 24, 2017


As my previous post indicated, my sister-in-law was coming to spend a week with us last Monday through Friday and I was baking and cooking ahead to prepare. Well, unfortunately, she was suffering with ? for the entire time she was here, something similar to the same whatever she had dealt with two times before.  I felt so helpless not knowing what I could do to make her more comfortable and hopeful that each morning she'd awaken and tell us she felt better than the day before. But it never happened. So she went home Friday and should have an appointment set to see a ENT specialist.  Please keep her in your prayers that she gets some answers and finally some relief.

By Patty Lynn

I baked and baked and baked some more to offer tasty treats,
T’was in anticipation of Frank’s sister oh, so, sweet.
But much to our deep sorrow she was really awfully sick.
We wished that she felt better and yet she made the trip…

A six hour drive, that took its toll, so arduous, demanding
That her arrival at its best, I’d call it a crash landing.
The coughing she endured each day and, yes, throughout the night,
Prevented her from getting sleep, though valiant was her fight…

Against the constant tickle, I mean it wouldn’t stop.
No matter what she took or did, was plagued with that ‘ol cough!
Her regular physician has urged her to procure
A specialist, an ENT, in hopes that he can cure...

This troublesome and what has been a serial affliction…
That she has dealt with now three times, that’s ready for eviction!
To say the least, this “thing” it is a horrible infection.
I only hope this doctor’s smart and has a clear direction!

She left this morning, headed home, another six hour trip.
We’ll miss her but we hope that she can see this Doc real quick…
And finally end her suffering for once and, yes, for all.
We both look forward to the day when we receive her call...

To tell us that she’s feeling good, her suffering has past,
That “bug” is gone, yes, gone for good, and she is cured at last.
Now maybe we can’t really think this bug is gone for good,
But if this Doc is on the ball he’ll do just what he should.

An then she’ll be among the throng who normally get sick.
A head cold here, a flu bug there, so which one would you pick?
For no one likes the thought of any ailing, that’s for sure.
But after this a simple cold is nothing to endure!

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