Thursday, February 2, 2017


Tonight's blog is not a poem but it is about a poem, or more precisely two poems.  My daughter heard about the Appleton Sidewalk Poetry Contest and it sounded very interesting to me.  This contest encourages residents to compose a poem meeting certain requirements that would be type-set and every time a sidewalk needed replacement, the poem or poems chosen would be stamped into the sidewalk.  I was intrigued and decided to participate.

Requirements were that it be appropriate for all ages, have no more that 40 characters per line, be no longer that 10 lines and have a maximum of 250 words.  Sounds easy, right.  Well, it really wasn't. Staying within those parameters became more and more difficult but I went back and forth to the poem I wished to use, tweaked it over and over, seeing it as a challenge, something I wouldn't let beat me.  So after numerous changes and rewrites, I finally was ready to send it on, which I did this past Tuesday.

When there was a reply in my email the very next day, I was encouraged that my poem elicited a response and one that appeared so quickly.  But that's where the encouragement ended.  I was told that the contest participants must be Appleton residents and since I live in the Town of Grand Chute, I was not considered an Appleton resident and therefore ineligible to participate in the Sidewalk Poetry Contest.  Wow!! That was the last thing I expected.

I do live in the Town of Grand Chute but my address is a City of Appleton address and I live in Outagamie County.  But rules are rules, I guess, so that's it.  I would like to suggest a similar idea of a Sidewalk Poetry Contest to the powers that be in the Town of Grand Chute.  Perhaps they will see that it has merit.

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