Friday, January 13, 2017


On Monday, January 9th, my husband, Frank, had a very complex and delicate back surgery, the first really, big surgery he's had since we've been married.  And let me say, it was horrible, horrible for him because of the complexity and the pain of it and horrible for me as the loved one, watching and waiting.  Frank's done it so many times with me as the patient but aside from some small surgical procedures he's had, this is the first time he was the patient.  As you might have guessed, I would much rather be the patient.  So tonight's offering puts it all in perspective.

By Patty Lynn

I’ve had a lot of surgeries, a lot, if truth be told,
From feet to knees to back and more, and, yes, I’m getting old.
But through it all my husband, Frank, has really had to deal,
But this time I have learned, first hand, exactly how that feels.

Yes, this time it was my turn, to worry and to wait,
To watch the clock and wonder what would really be his fate,
To while away the hours and, in truth, it would take four,
Then on to the recovery room, that took an hour more.

When finally he was in a room and I could see his face
The time that I spent wondering & worrying were erased.
Though loopy and not quite himself, it really didn’t matter,
I heard the doc say, “it went well,” the rest was idle chatter.

Soon I would have to go back home without him, as we planned,
But even so, the emptiness was more than I could stand.
I worried ‘bout the hospital, what his night had in store
But I was sound asleep as soon my feet left the floor.

The next day came and I prepared to go & see, my Frank,
But just before I left he called, I thought it was a prank,
Because he said he’d been discharged and I could take him home.
The next day after surgery, did I hear right on the phone?

But, sure enough, he could go home, his pain, it was controlled,
Though what they should’ve told us was, that more pain would unfold.
The next day & the next would prove to be a bit more painful,
And dealing with the aftermath was in a word, DISDAINFUL!

He called the doctor’s office, said what his pain was like,
We were surprised when we were told “Adjustment to the height.”
What did they mean, what could it be, that’s when we said, “Say, what?
With spacers in he’s taller now, the change, why it’s clear-cut.
His body is adjusting now to being one inch taller
Without the discs, which we replaced, he used to be much smaller.”
Well, that had never been discussed but, boy, it sure made sense.
We understood the logic, explained why muscles tense.

So here we are, we’re dealing now and know it will be painful,
But with more walking ‘round the house the spine will be more stable.
And consequently, he will gain the loss of his mobility.
He’ll move again without the pain, regain his flexibility.

That’s “down the road” but that’s the goal, there’s healing to be done.
We’ll persevere and pray a lot, the battle's far from won.
We knew this road would be hard-fought, and, yes, it truly is,
But with God’s help he knows he can, the victory will be his.

The shoe is on the other foot, my husband is the patient
And I confess, I’d rather have the usual situation.
But that’s because I’ve had the very best of caretaker,
So I’m content to be nurse while Frank is the partaker.

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