Sunday, January 1, 2017


On December 23rd my grandchildren, Gavin and Ian and I, served as Salvation Army Red Kettle bell ringers.  I’m sure they didn’t know what to expect, nor did I, but we got right into it, donning our Santa hats and ringing our bells.  We were at Woodman’s stationed between the doors at the liquor department entrance and I’ve got to say the flow of customers was continuous for the two hours we were there. No comment from me on the need for alcohol at the holidays.

But ready we were to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and let them know that
WE energies were matching all their donations. That was an added incentive to give.  And give they did, happily and generously.  We were amazed to see some folks put in twenties and fifties! But how much was given made no difference to us, we were just content to share a Christmas greeting and watch the faces of people who often shared the same in return.  Ian & Gavin kept saying how much fun it was & I concurred.  What’s more they had the feeling of satisfaction from doing something for the community.  Looks like next year we’ll be joining the Red Kettle brigade again!

By Patty Lynn

Tonight was such a special night, so much more than we thought.
We rang our bells encouraging the passersby we caught…
To share a gift, just what they could, from bills to their loose change.
It didn’t matter the amount, or what the pail contained,

What mattered was the joy we felt with every Christmas greeting.
For folks who came in there to shop, and unexpected meeting.
When they looked up and smiled, too, and shared a “Merry Christmas,”
It filled us up, that short exchange, so glad we hadn’t missed this.

We wore our festive Santa hats, we surely looked the part.
Three troubadours who saw their Christmas spirit get its start.
And I would bet our greetings gave the patrons what we had,
The reason for the season, and that sure can’t be bad.

So, all in all, we may have given hours to our community,
But we got more than what we gave with this fun opportunity.
We all agreed we want to ring those bells again next year.
It made our season just to share a bit of Christmas cheer.

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