Wednesday, November 16, 2016


As tonight's blog says, I've wanted to write a poem about the Presidential Election since it ended.  I'm surprised it took this long, but here it is.  It may not be your view of the outcome but it's mine so if you don't agree just humor me as someone having another viewpoint.  I pray that God will guide us through the troubled waters of the transition and that there will be a favorable solution that presents itself.  I just hope it won't take four years.

By Patty Lynn

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to write this poem
And yet I know, beyond a doubt, I know I’m not alone,
‘Cause I, like many other folks, cannot accept the fact…
That someone like a Donald Trump had followers that backed…

His boorish ways, his violence, his vulgar bigotry,
His disrespect for women and his cruel toxicity.
How can a superficial man with no experience
Have won the vote for president, c’mon, you can’t be serious?

Besides the shock that such a man will occupy this seat,
That he’s the one we now must call Commander, yikes, in Chief.
You might have noticed that these words, they stick there in my throat,
I’m scared because he’s unprepared, I can’t accept the vote…

That put him where he is today, our country can’t withstand...
This joke who’ll occupy this chair, the highest in the land!
And, oh, the turmoil prompted by the outcome of last Tuesday,
The fallout from this guarantees a never-ending news day.

For every move this imbecile, I mean, the Pres-elect…
Will make or say or tweet will have a negative effect,
A heyday for the media, you bet, this guy will be,
But spokesman for our country, wow, that’s something I can’t see.

To think that the election is really, finally over,
The vote is in, the tally’s made, I thought I wanted closure,
But all my mind keeps longing for is time that’s in reversal
And all of what has just transpired was only a rehearsal.

That we can do it over, we have another chance
To rectify this travesty this tragic circumstance…
That we have perpetrated on the whole United States,
For it has left this land we love in desperate, dire straits.

 My hope is that this Pres-elect will be, for me, consistent.
And he will say or do something they’ll finally find resistant...
To what the Senate and the House, yes, even they’d accept,
That shows them all, without a doubt, that he’s just plain inept…

And true to form the times like these, they won’t be an exception.
So now they’ll see what we all know, that this man needs rejection!
They know he’ll balk and yet they know there’s one way left to reach him,
They’ll start proceedings right away, that’s right, they will impeach him!

Oh, what a happy day for me, at last, we’d get him out,
And all the throngs who “doth protest” might jubilantly shout.
Let’s hope that we will see his face on television’s roster,
That’s better than in Washington as a President imposter.