Saturday, October 1, 2016


I'm ringing in the new month with a poem that I'm hoping will resonate with you.  I wrote this last night at the end of a tasking day and it came out of conversations I've had with my husband, Frank
(who I often call Frankie Joe) when we lament all the things we might have done if we had met each other when we were younger.  Not that I'm complaining just reflecting and imagining.  So here it is...

 BY Patty Lynn

I’m down for the count, I’m bushed from the day.
The furniture’s calling, “Please dust me today!”
But I am too tired, just dead on my feet,
Besides there’s tomorrow & I’m way too beat.

I fixed up my breakfast, a nice bowl of fruit,
Then went to my treadmill, my usual route,
Got dressed and then set out to ready the story…
For Sunday School telling, to God be the glory!

Then made up our lunches, we ate and discussed…
How if we were younger, not dealing with our “rust,”
We’d buy us some houses, remodel, then flip.
“You know, that was finished at quite a good clip!

Let’s buy us another and do it once more,
A complete restoration from ceiling to floor!”
And when we have done it, a number of times,
We’ll count all of our nickels and all of our dimes…

And make plans to travel to Paris and Rome,
To Ireland & Scotland and when we come home…
We’ll build us our dream house with a picturesque view,
A porch on four sides, designed just for you.

On weekends we’ll party with family and friends,
Cook-out with the neighbors, where the fun never ends.
We’ll go to the theatre, with coveted seats,
Hobnob with famous, imbibe on rich eats.

And when that’s behind us, we’ll be as we are,
We’ll be old and less mobile, less walking, more car.
We may not have met when we were much younger...
Our “what ifs” are fun but they cause me to ponder...

Though youth wasn’t ours so these plans could be made,
This life that we share is one I’d not trade.
No dream house, no travel, no flip, just the same,
I’m happy, contented, that I share your last name.

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