Sunday, October 9, 2016


By Patty Lynn

It’s really so unusual that I’m the one who’s waiting,
But this time I’m the one who sits, the one anticipating…
Just what the doctor has to say about this latest test,
And hoping, always hoping, yes, hoping for the best.

It’s quite an operation, the way this place is run,
Between the forms and TV screens, it’s really almost fun.
And after you have finished that you get a lighted disc
Like restaurants with the flashing lights, the nurse comes & you’re whisked…

To be prepared, to meet the doc, in this case get sedated,
They tell you that they’re starting and...the next thing you’ve vacated…
The very room they took you to, but now the test is finished.
They looked at this, biopsied that, no matter how you spin it…

You’re feeling what they put you through, your throat’s a little sore,
“Nothing to worry you,” they said, cultures'll tell us more.
So we will wait and see what grows, though they expect it’s nothing.
Pro-active is the way to go, address it, could be something.

Life’s short, we’ve said it many times, we don’t choose to ignore…
The things that don’t seem usual, they’re diff’rent and what’s more...
Our health can take a downward turn, yes, aging takes it’s toll,
So best to check things out, instead, ‘cause it’s good for the soul.

So all in all, we got it done, these health things can confound.
It’s best to know, not let it go, or questions hang around.
Remember that it’s always good to learn the truth and deal,
‘Cause if you put it off you’ll see that worry’s all you’ll feel.

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