Sunday, October 16, 2016


Tonight's blog stemmed from my "super preparedness" approach to anything new that might be coming up.  While it may seem fraught with worry, I contend it's just my attempt to be realistic as I plan for future challenges.  Us take charge people are like that, you know.  We want to have a clear vision of what's expected and a plan to make it all work, no surprises, nothing unexpected.  But
can we really anticipate everything?  Of course not.  Besides, we have to be careful that we don't overlook the most important component, our awesome God.  He can't be an afterthought, He must be the first thing, the first place we go to when life throws us a curve ball and we're faced with a new challenge.  May be this poem will make you think how you take on a new challenge.

By Patty Lynn

I sit here tonight with much on my mind,
Contemplating the future, just what will I find?
So much is unknown, can’t leave to fate.
But, hard as it is, I’ll leave it to Faith.

And why is that hard with a God such as mine
Who promises always to help, to define…
The answers we’re seeking, the help that we need,
The way we should follow, with Him in the lead?

So why do we worry and why do we wonder?
These things only bother and often encumber…
Our thoughts, they’re so fruitless, so unnecessary.
They keep us from trusting, instead, make us wary…

Of what’s unpredictable and what can’t be planned,
We want all of the answers to know we’ll withstand…
All the parts, all the aspects, of just what’s in store,
We must be prepared for it all, and what’s more…

We can’t just survive it, no, we’ve got to succeed…
In handling the challenges, and even exceed…
The normal expectations, saying, “That’s how I am!”
You’d think we were sure that there’d be an exam!

So it’s time that we learned that we must turn it over….
To God, our Redeemer, ‘cause He is the owner…
Of all that goes on in this world He’s created.
From the simplest problem to the most complicated…

He’s ready and willing, He wants us to ask
For His help and His guidance, whatever the task.
C’mon recognize, only He’s in control.
Don’t fret through each part, when He handles the whole.

You may think that you’re such a great problem-solver,
But don’t hold a candle to God, the Absolver.
So why spin your wheels, it’s a big waste of time?
Just give it to Him, this great God of mine!

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