Tuesday, September 20, 2016


By Patty Lynn

“Judging from my laugh lines, you’d think my life has been a riot.”

A face is thought to be a map that charts, well, your emotions,
Like puffy eyes, a telltale sign that you’ve been crying oceans.
And then those furrowed brows that over time become, well, permanent,
That indicate you’ve worried through some times that have been turbulent.

So what about those crow’s feet, oh, excuse me, I mean laugh lines?
They must be there because you’re so darn happy, they’re the sure signs.
And so that always smiling face looks in the mirror and sees...
A grinning woman’s laugh lines that are smiling back at me.

So I conclude that if you judge those lines the way you could,
You’d have to say my life has been quite happy, yes, you would.
In fact, if those lines indicate the times when I have laughed,
You’d think each day I‘ve spent has been a riot and a half.

But, disagree I must because although those lines are there,
Emotions, many different kinds, leave remnants that we wear.
It matters not what telltale signs are there upon your face.
What matters is you’ve earned each one, that cannot be erased.

You’ve lived a life that has been filled with many ups & downs,
That shows you’ve gone from way up high to right down to the ground.
But either way, you bear the signs that show a life that’s full,
A life comprised of portions of the daily push & pull.

So don’t be too concerned if you see laugh lines or crow’s feet,
It only means you face head-on the things that you might meet.
Besides, those lines are proof that life has put you through your paces.
Who cares if we wear evidence of that across our faces.

So when you see those crows feet or those laugh lines on your face,
Remember you have earned each one, so wear them all with grace.
They don’t mean that you’re ancient or your life has been a riot.
They show the world your life’s been rich and urge the world to try it.

I ran across the phrase above recently and it got me to thinking.  Crows feet do get more prominent as we get older and that’s probably why we now call them laugh lines instead.  It’s got a better connotation.   But what are they, really? Aren’t they just one more sign that shows our age?  After all, when we were young the only time they’d show up was when we actually laughed but virtually disappeared when the happy had passed.

But I choose to look at those (laugh lines or crow’s feet, take your pick) in a more positive light.  I believe that they’re just another sign, another piece of evidence that you’ve lived your life and it has been a life that’s had a little bit of everything in it.

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