Monday, September 5, 2016


I've seen it happen time after time, young people get married and have kids and then suddenly...they're spread so thin that they don't know how they're going to do it all.  They both work, their job responsibilities increase and with that comes the demand for more of their time.  The day to day at home (hopefully for both of you), the cleaning, cooking, washing, organizing, mowing etc. still have to be done and then...the guilt sets in.  Why?  Well, the kids, they have homework they need help with, extracurricular activities and you've got to attend those realize you've spent zero time with them, not even supper together.  It strikes you that he or she has their eye out for a particular item so you run out and get it as soon as you can. And with that comes another realization: Giving your son or daughter a present takes some of the guilt away.
So then it starts, "Hummm, if I have to stay longer at work this week, if I've forgotten his soccer game, I couldn't come to her recital, etc. then if I get something for him or her, I'll feel better.
So, ergo, can't be around as much, show how much I love by buying them a gift, equals LOVE, RIGHT???

By Patty Lynn

Say, do you know just what it is, the thing most prized by kids?
Then stop, my friend, and listen up,‘cause this is what it is.
It isn’t that new toy they want, a trip to Disneyland,
Or that new bike they said they’d like, that real expensive brand.

A swimming pool won’t make them drool, believe me, that’s not it.
A trampoline won’t be a dream, on that the jury’s split.
Now, just in case you’d like to ask if I have lost my mind,
That any kid would flip his lid if ever he would find…

The presents I’ve described above, you ask, “What’s not to like?
They’d be elated, shout hooray” you’d tell me, “Take a hike!”
I understand and if I scanned that list and I was you,
I’d look around until I found what must be my loose screw.

But hear me out, what it’s about, is you, my friend, yes, you.
That kid of yours knows that the stores are brimming with such loot
And though it’s true he’d love from you each trinket, toy and trip,
Just strip away the words I say, it’s YOU they need, you’re it!

Your PRESENCE not your PRESENTS is what your kids need most.
The time you spend’s a dividend and yields a bond that’s close.
Those memories shared will show you cared, to miss t’would be a crime,    
For things, you know, they come and go, 
                                                 but love, it equals... time.                             

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