Friday, September 2, 2016


Ever noticed that many times old folks say exactly what’s on their mind and often we’re a bit embarrassed by their candor?  You can almost see their wheels turning while they wait for just the right moment to “strike.”
I remember the way my Mom would wait and listen and you’d know something was going to be said. And when it did, we might have cringed a bit, but we were a little envious at her honesty.

When I ran across this statement lately, it brought it all back and became the basis for the following poem:

“It’s not that we have more patience as we age, it’s just that we’re too darned tired to care about pointless drama.”

By Patty Lynn

You think we have more patience, an abundance, as we age?
It’s just that we’re too tired to go through the “drama” stage.
To us, it just seems pointless and consumes way too much time,
And often there’s no reason and there isn’t any rhyme.

So if it seems we just don’t care, that isn’t it at all.
We choose to let things roll right off, like a duck’s back waterfall.
We’ve seen a lot throughout the years, we’ve had our share of strife,
Now WE choose what can get our goat, what matters in this life.

Experience and knowledge gained, keeps us above the fray.
If yesterday had troubles, well, today’s a brand new day.
Besides our God will help us turn the storms of life to drizzle.
When little complications come, that’s what they are, they’re little.

We’ve been there, done that, paid the dues, the dues of yesterday.
We’ve lived our life and we have dealt with much along the way.
And so we’ve earned the right to take our time to analyze,
Eliminate the pointless things and not resort to lies.
We say exactly what we think, what’s really on our mind,
And though it seems our filter’s gone, try not to be unkind.
Yes, getting to a “certain age” affords a new dynamic,
A broader outlook, some might say, it’s simply panoramic.

More patient, no, that isn’t us, some say that we’re sardonic.
We choose to use a few choice words, for us it’s economic.
Yes, getting older has its perks, “we calls ‘em like we sees ‘em.”
The moments left are ours to make, that’s why we want to seize them.

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