Sunday, September 25, 2016


I really can't believe I'm taking this on.  But it's been weighing on me and it really has to be done.  Basements are notorious for being the place where everything gets stored and...forgotten.  How often have you heard someone say,
"When we started packing to move I couldn't believe how much we'd accumulated."
Well, I would whole-heartedly agree and I guess it really hit me when I stopped to realize that it'd been 10 years since we moved and there were boxes I'd packed and never opened since. That was the inspiration for tonight's blog.

By Patty Lynn

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve got way too much stuff.
There’s things I haven’t gone through and I have had enough.
We moved here from our old house some 10 plus years & counting
Unopened boxes, quite a few, and my disgust is mounting.

Each box has a description so what’s inside is clear,
But, frankly, I don’t need it and want it out of here.
You see, as folks get older, they want to pare life down,
That’s why we want the things we need & nothing else around.

So, I’ve decided I would go through everything that’s stored.
This task is truly overdue and can not be ignored.
I’ll give away or donate things, the space will be surprising,
And if I think it warrants it, I’ll do some advertising.

Perhaps I’ll post on Craig’s List or maybe I’ll try eBay.
I doesn’t matter much to me as long as there’s a pay day.
I really should have done all this before we made the move.
Regardless, it’s imperative, this junk must be removed.

Last week I made some progress, I packed my van up twice,
And made a big donation, four loads to be precise.
Today I started going through the boxes with my music,
Then organized it into piles, I found it therapeutic.

It baffled me how much was there, hung on to it so long,
But I can’t use it anymore, it’s got to move along.
So fortunately I found someone who’ll look through it to see
If there’s some music he can use and that’s OK with me.

I know this project will take time but I’ll just take it slow,
And if we have to move again there’s one thing that I know,
That everyone accumulates way more things than they need,
So when it comes to storing things, be wary what you keep.

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