Sunday, September 25, 2016


I really can't believe I'm taking this on.  But it's been weighing on me and it really has to be done.  Basements are notorious for being the place where everything gets stored and...forgotten.  How often have you heard someone say,
"When we started packing to move I couldn't believe how much we'd accumulated."
Well, I would whole-heartedly agree and I guess it really hit me when I stopped to realize that it'd been 10 years since we moved and there were boxes I'd packed and never opened since. That was the inspiration for tonight's blog.

By Patty Lynn

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve got way too much stuff.
There’s things I haven’t gone through and I have had enough.
We moved here from our old house some 10 plus years & counting
Unopened boxes, quite a few, and my disgust is mounting.

Each box has a description so what’s inside is clear,
But, frankly, I don’t need it and want it out of here.
You see, as folks get older, they want to pare life down,
That’s why we want the things we need & nothing else around.

So, I’ve decided I would go through everything that’s stored.
This task is truly overdue and can not be ignored.
I’ll give away or donate things, the space will be surprising,
And if I think it warrants it, I’ll do some advertising.

Perhaps I’ll post on Craig’s List or maybe I’ll try eBay.
I doesn’t matter much to me as long as there’s a pay day.
I really should have done all this before we made the move.
Regardless, it’s imperative, this junk must be removed.

Last week I made some progress, I packed my van up twice,
And made a big donation, four loads to be precise.
Today I started going through the boxes with my music,
Then organized it into piles, I found it therapeutic.

It baffled me how much was there, hung on to it so long,
But I can’t use it anymore, it’s got to move along.
So fortunately I found someone who’ll look through it to see
If there’s some music he can use and that’s OK with me.

I know this project will take time but I’ll just take it slow,
And if we have to move again there’s one thing that I know,
That everyone accumulates way more things than they need,
So when it comes to storing things, be wary what you keep.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


By Patty Lynn

“Judging from my laugh lines, you’d think my life has been a riot.”

A face is thought to be a map that charts, well, your emotions,
Like puffy eyes, a telltale sign that you’ve been crying oceans.
And then those furrowed brows that over time become, well, permanent,
That indicate you’ve worried through some times that have been turbulent.

So what about those crow’s feet, oh, excuse me, I mean laugh lines?
They must be there because you’re so darn happy, they’re the sure signs.
And so that always smiling face looks in the mirror and sees...
A grinning woman’s laugh lines that are smiling back at me.

So I conclude that if you judge those lines the way you could,
You’d have to say my life has been quite happy, yes, you would.
In fact, if those lines indicate the times when I have laughed,
You’d think each day I‘ve spent has been a riot and a half.

But, disagree I must because although those lines are there,
Emotions, many different kinds, leave remnants that we wear.
It matters not what telltale signs are there upon your face.
What matters is you’ve earned each one, that cannot be erased.

You’ve lived a life that has been filled with many ups & downs,
That shows you’ve gone from way up high to right down to the ground.
But either way, you bear the signs that show a life that’s full,
A life comprised of portions of the daily push & pull.

So don’t be too concerned if you see laugh lines or crow’s feet,
It only means you face head-on the things that you might meet.
Besides, those lines are proof that life has put you through your paces.
Who cares if we wear evidence of that across our faces.

So when you see those crows feet or those laugh lines on your face,
Remember you have earned each one, so wear them all with grace.
They don’t mean that you’re ancient or your life has been a riot.
They show the world your life’s been rich and urge the world to try it.

I ran across the phrase above recently and it got me to thinking.  Crows feet do get more prominent as we get older and that’s probably why we now call them laugh lines instead.  It’s got a better connotation.   But what are they, really? Aren’t they just one more sign that shows our age?  After all, when we were young the only time they’d show up was when we actually laughed but virtually disappeared when the happy had passed.

But I choose to look at those (laugh lines or crow’s feet, take your pick) in a more positive light.  I believe that they’re just another sign, another piece of evidence that you’ve lived your life and it has been a life that’s had a little bit of everything in it.

Friday, September 9, 2016


I don't know if it affects you like it does me, but I can't hear a baby laugh without laughing myself.
That's always been the case but now all one has to do is look to YouTube to find hundreds of baby
laughing videos and I'm gone.  Perhaps, you've seen the one with the baby whose Daddy tears a piece of paper and that little one laughs so hard he almost topples over.  And not just once.  No dear ol' Dad does it over and over and keeps getting the same response.  For whatever reason, that little guy finds that sound hilarious.  I've gone so far as to seriously tell my family that I want someone to play all the laughing baby videos on a screen for my wake.  Yes, seriously.

Well, tonight's blog is about just that.  If you aren't already, I hope it makes you a convert to the affect a laughing baby can have on the moodiest, crabbiest, orneriest critter on the face of the earth.

By Patty Lynn

You’ve heard me say I find a smile to be a thing of beauty,
I call it your “face” value, an investment that’s your duty.
It can’t be overstated and its power can’t be denied.
Your children learn to smile from you, for them a kind of guide.

Guess you could say a smile to me is something that’s contagious.
It’s possible that smile of yours is Mona Lisa famous!
And so, like us, a baby’s smile can blossom into laughter.
That sound’s a kind of magic that consumes you ever after.

I know for me the minute that I hear a baby’s laughing,
I feel it start up from my toes; it’s like a wave comes crashing.
That’s why when I am out of sorts I need a dose of baby.
And I feel so much better that there’s no ifs, ands or maybes.

So anytime I feel the need, I search out YouTube babies,
And once they start their laughing I become one happy lady.
Those babies are hilarious and when I start my laughing...
It grows and grows till I’m reduced to my own brand of gasping.

So anytime I feel the need, I search out YouTube babies,
And once they start their laughing I become one happy lady.
Those babies are hilarious and when I start my laughing...
It grows and grows till I’m reduced to my own brand of gasping.

I guess by now I’ve made my point, there’s nothing more to tell.
A baby’s laugh is magic that can truly cast a spell.
So if you want a sure-fire way to rid you of the blues,
Just cue the laughing babies for more smiles than you can use.

Monday, September 5, 2016


I've seen it happen time after time, young people get married and have kids and then suddenly...they're spread so thin that they don't know how they're going to do it all.  They both work, their job responsibilities increase and with that comes the demand for more of their time.  The day to day at home (hopefully for both of you), the cleaning, cooking, washing, organizing, mowing etc. still have to be done and then...the guilt sets in.  Why?  Well, the kids, they have homework they need help with, extracurricular activities and you've got to attend those realize you've spent zero time with them, not even supper together.  It strikes you that he or she has their eye out for a particular item so you run out and get it as soon as you can. And with that comes another realization: Giving your son or daughter a present takes some of the guilt away.
So then it starts, "Hummm, if I have to stay longer at work this week, if I've forgotten his soccer game, I couldn't come to her recital, etc. then if I get something for him or her, I'll feel better.
So, ergo, can't be around as much, show how much I love by buying them a gift, equals LOVE, RIGHT???

By Patty Lynn

Say, do you know just what it is, the thing most prized by kids?
Then stop, my friend, and listen up,‘cause this is what it is.
It isn’t that new toy they want, a trip to Disneyland,
Or that new bike they said they’d like, that real expensive brand.

A swimming pool won’t make them drool, believe me, that’s not it.
A trampoline won’t be a dream, on that the jury’s split.
Now, just in case you’d like to ask if I have lost my mind,
That any kid would flip his lid if ever he would find…

The presents I’ve described above, you ask, “What’s not to like?
They’d be elated, shout hooray” you’d tell me, “Take a hike!”
I understand and if I scanned that list and I was you,
I’d look around until I found what must be my loose screw.

But hear me out, what it’s about, is you, my friend, yes, you.
That kid of yours knows that the stores are brimming with such loot
And though it’s true he’d love from you each trinket, toy and trip,
Just strip away the words I say, it’s YOU they need, you’re it!

Your PRESENCE not your PRESENTS is what your kids need most.
The time you spend’s a dividend and yields a bond that’s close.
Those memories shared will show you cared, to miss t’would be a crime,    
For things, you know, they come and go, 
                                                 but love, it equals... time.                             

Friday, September 2, 2016


Ever noticed that many times old folks say exactly what’s on their mind and often we’re a bit embarrassed by their candor?  You can almost see their wheels turning while they wait for just the right moment to “strike.”
I remember the way my Mom would wait and listen and you’d know something was going to be said. And when it did, we might have cringed a bit, but we were a little envious at her honesty.

When I ran across this statement lately, it brought it all back and became the basis for the following poem:

“It’s not that we have more patience as we age, it’s just that we’re too darned tired to care about pointless drama.”

By Patty Lynn

You think we have more patience, an abundance, as we age?
It’s just that we’re too tired to go through the “drama” stage.
To us, it just seems pointless and consumes way too much time,
And often there’s no reason and there isn’t any rhyme.

So if it seems we just don’t care, that isn’t it at all.
We choose to let things roll right off, like a duck’s back waterfall.
We’ve seen a lot throughout the years, we’ve had our share of strife,
Now WE choose what can get our goat, what matters in this life.

Experience and knowledge gained, keeps us above the fray.
If yesterday had troubles, well, today’s a brand new day.
Besides our God will help us turn the storms of life to drizzle.
When little complications come, that’s what they are, they’re little.

We’ve been there, done that, paid the dues, the dues of yesterday.
We’ve lived our life and we have dealt with much along the way.
And so we’ve earned the right to take our time to analyze,
Eliminate the pointless things and not resort to lies.
We say exactly what we think, what’s really on our mind,
And though it seems our filter’s gone, try not to be unkind.
Yes, getting to a “certain age” affords a new dynamic,
A broader outlook, some might say, it’s simply panoramic.

More patient, no, that isn’t us, some say that we’re sardonic.
We choose to use a few choice words, for us it’s economic.
Yes, getting older has its perks, “we calls ‘em like we sees ‘em.”
The moments left are ours to make, that’s why we want to seize them.