Sunday, August 28, 2016


One has only to pick up a magazine or watch 15 minutes of TV to know how the world, or better yet, the glamour industry defines BEAUTY.  There was a brief interview with Meg Ryan this afternoon and in the course of it, they showed clips of her back in the When Harry Met Sally and You've Got Mail days.  One look at her now and anyone can see what Meg has done to attempt to "hang on" to her youth.  In other words, what she felt was necessary to do surgically to maintain her
"beauty," which Hollywood spells Y-O-U-N-G.  But what is beauty, really.  This little poem presents how I define beauty.  Let's see if you agree.

By Patty Lynn

“The face that launched a thousand ships” was one description of...
The beauty of a women’s face and man’s idea of love.
“You oughta be in pictures, you’re wonderful to see”
Was one composer’s way to show a face’s quality.

These two are just examples of what beauty is to some
And everyone has their idea, and likewise, I have one.
To me there’s nothing that compares to this when simply worn,
And I‘ve considered many things, I’m definite, not torn,

But I believe it matters not, the beauty of each feature.
There’s something universal that is true for every creature…
And this alone makes every face so beautiful, indeed,
That I with every confidence and certainty proceed.

To me a face, yes, every face, can be a thing of beauty
And I would be remiss if I neglected this, my duty...
To share with you, what is for me the ultimate ingredient,
And since I’ve made you wait so long, I’d better be expedient.

The single thing that must be there to make a face, well, beautiful,
Now you might disagree with me and think my view’s refutable,
But this is just MY feeling, how I myself define
What beauty is to me, that is, and it is solely mine.

To me a SMILE upon a face, is beauty, nothing less.
It doesn’t matter if that face has features that possess…
The perfect nose or steamy eyes or cheeks with lovely blush,
To me that’s immaterial, won’t ever make me gush.

No, no, not me I’d rather see a smile upon that face
And if I see it beam I’m moved, my heart begins to race.
They say the eyes are really this, a window to the soul,
But if I see a smile of joy, I just might lose control.

So if you want the secret to make yours a face of beauty,
Just listen, listen carefully, it works, yes, absolutely,
For all you have to do is SMILE and wear it faithfully
And if it’s genuine you’ve found the secret to your beauty!

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