Friday, August 26, 2016


If you're a Grandma or Grandpa over 65 I'm sure you can relate to the statement, "I'm not as young as I used to be!" Not a brilliant statement but very true.  And never is it so obvious than when you're spending a couple of hours with your grandchildren.  Tiring, for sure, but wonderful time spent?  Yes, indeed! I think all we grandparents would agree.  And that's what prompted this blog.  Whether 40 or 70, I'm sure you can relate.

By Patty Lynn

Today I spent the afternoon with my two favorite boys.
At first, they played outside a bit while I enjoyed the noise.
Then after that we played a game, a video game with clues…
To help you find some objects in a room with different views.

From there we played a bowling game on Wii; that’s so much fun.
I’ve got to say of all the games, that that’s my favorite one.
When that was done I surely hoped that downtime was in order...
Because at that point my reserve was barely worth a quarter.

But not these two, no, Candyland was what we all should play,
And I must say it sure was fun, a good end to the day.
When they were younger games would bring such tears, if either lost,
But now that they’re approaching ten, it hasn’t such a cost.

Just playing games with them today, though it was plain exhausting,
I’d never trade for anything, to my life they’re the frosting.
Then perfect timing, Mom arrived and it was time to go,
And when they did their Gram collapsed, what hit me, I don’t know...

Was it a bus, was it a train, no, just two darling boys…
Whose energy puts mine to shame, my little bit destroys.
But I am not complaining, no, the contrary is true.
The hours that I spend with them, I’d have to say, too few.

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