Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Well, here I am again with my views about growing older.  Could it be that I know something about it? Perhaps, but this post was inspired by a saying I heard recently and I decided it was something that would make a good poem.  Let's see if you agree.

By Patty Lynn

A wise man or wise woman said: You Can’t Help Getting Older,
But what I love is what came next, a statement that’s much bolder.
The rest of what was said is this: You Don’t Have to Get Old!
Perhaps that sounds confusing, but I believe it’s GOLD!

Just think about it and you’ll find you do have some control.
The years will come regardless but not looking old’s the goal.
Now I am not referring to an anti-age routine...
Of wrinkle creams and serums, not some crazy weird regime.

What’s really meant is never falling prey to dowdy fashion,
And looking like your Grandma did with make-up that’s been rationed…
To be a bit of lipstick that she’d wear for an occasion,
And even that would happen if it came with some persuasion.

Make sure you don’t interpret what I say as advocating…
Wearing clothes like those in high school; here’s what I’m indicating:
Just accentuate your positives, eliminate the rest.
That foot that you put forward, it should always be your best.

The message here is simple, just grow old most gracefully,
Take pride in how you look and stay on trend, dress tastefully.
You can’t stop time from marching so present yourself with class.
You can still make an impression whether a laddie or a lass.

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