Sunday, August 14, 2016

Going to Extremes

Have you ever wished that your husband was more engaged in the day-to-day household things?  Do you feel like if he were, he could help you find something when you're at your wits end,  and he's just oblivious?  Still, he's quick to notice when he can't locate something that he needs and comments, "How can find anything I this house.  It's such a mess!"

Well, tonight's post deals with these very things and shows that some are willing to go to extremes to make a point and elicit some help.

By Patty Lynn

Have you ever thought your life would be much easier if you...
Never put your things away but left them out, oh, boy, I do?
The reason that I say this is I’m sick of spending time
Or better said, of wasting it, I think that it’s a crime…

That every time I put away, oh, This or That, I find
No, that’s not right, I can not find that something, every time!
The place where I have put it just escapes me, so I’m sure...
That never putting things away’s the answer, that’s the cure!

So if I leave it out, next time I’ll find it, don’t you see?
No more that constant searching that confounds frustrated “me.”
Then confident, I tried it, I was sure of my solution…
The last thing I expected was a sort of a revolution!

I guess I didn’t think it through, consider all the clutter,
But it was clear when I could hear my husband murmur, mutter.
Yes, underneath his breath he said, “This mess, it drives me crazy!
Why can’t she put this stuff away, is she just plain too lazy?”

And so I tried, though futilely, to explain my method to him,
But he didn’t get my logic, guess such clarity eludes him.
I told him how this method would eliminate my searching,
How sure I was about this great idea I was birthing!

But he says, “Wait a minute, think about what’s left behind?
The stuff all over everywhere will make me lose my mind!
Then pretty soon the clutter will prevent you, dear, from finding
The very thing you’re looking for, this method’s undermining…

Your quest to save more time, won’t save it in the long run.
You’ll soon have what you had before, not finding things the outcome.
But if we work together, find a system that makes sense,
(And maybe all the things we have can somehow be condensed,)

Together we can do it, help each other to remember.
What do you say, could this idea be a strong contender?”
We sat right down and we figured out a way to make it work.
He looked at me, I looked at him and gave a little smirk.

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