Thursday, August 25, 2016


Don’t we all forget things?  Haven’t you ever walked into a room and when you got there, scratched your head because you can’t remember what you came in there for?  Sure you have, we all have. Then why, if you’re over 60, is it thought of as evidence of a diminished capacity? And even more, why do we have to label it as a “Senior Moment?” 

By Patty Lynn

You call them “senior moments,” but I don’t like that name.
Sometimes I just forget things, my heads not in the game.
Big deal, those moments happen, I’m sure you have them, too.
When you forget I don’t assign a “special” a name to you.

“I know that I came in here for...ah, something, I don’t know?”
I try to think, but it won’t come so I just turn & go.
That doesn’t mean my mind is gone or that I have Dementia
‘Cause brilliant you have named it so, hey, let’s alert the Media.

You say that I have memory loss or other brain disorder?
Or could it be, like everyone, my thoughts just tend to wander?
And then your explanation is that it’s a sign of aging.
But aren’t we all affected by the years & aren’t we changing?

I still remember back in school we all just longed to be…
A senior, for that was the best, on that we’d all agree.
But now fast forward to today and it means something else.
To be a senior means that you belong up on the shelf.

It means you’re done, fini, the end, no longer someone bright,
That brain of yours, it now grows dim, your screws are loose, not tight!
Well, I will say, it’s not like that, there’s much that I can give.
Don’t bury me ‘neath the words like that, I’ve much more life to live.

And while you’re at it, best think twice, the names you give upset,
To “senior” this, dementia that, come on, we all forget.
And if you’re naming things like that, I’d really rather be…
A freshman, sophomore, junior, too, when you’re describing me.

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