Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Well, here I am again with my views about growing older.  Could it be that I know something about it? Perhaps, but this post was inspired by a saying I heard recently and I decided it was something that would make a good poem.  Let's see if you agree.

By Patty Lynn

A wise man or wise woman said: You Can’t Help Getting Older,
But what I love is what came next, a statement that’s much bolder.
The rest of what was said is this: You Don’t Have to Get Old!
Perhaps that sounds confusing, but I believe it’s GOLD!

Just think about it and you’ll find you do have some control.
The years will come regardless but not looking old’s the goal.
Now I am not referring to an anti-age routine...
Of wrinkle creams and serums, not some crazy weird regime.

What’s really meant is never falling prey to dowdy fashion,
And looking like your Grandma did with make-up that’s been rationed…
To be a bit of lipstick that she’d wear for an occasion,
And even that would happen if it came with some persuasion.

Make sure you don’t interpret what I say as advocating…
Wearing clothes like those in high school; here’s what I’m indicating:
Just accentuate your positives, eliminate the rest.
That foot that you put forward, it should always be your best.

The message here is simple, just grow old most gracefully,
Take pride in how you look and stay on trend, dress tastefully.
You can’t stop time from marching so present yourself with class.
You can still make an impression whether a laddie or a lass.

Sunday, August 28, 2016


One has only to pick up a magazine or watch 15 minutes of TV to know how the world, or better yet, the glamour industry defines BEAUTY.  There was a brief interview with Meg Ryan this afternoon and in the course of it, they showed clips of her back in the When Harry Met Sally and You've Got Mail days.  One look at her now and anyone can see what Meg has done to attempt to "hang on" to her youth.  In other words, what she felt was necessary to do surgically to maintain her
"beauty," which Hollywood spells Y-O-U-N-G.  But what is beauty, really.  This little poem presents how I define beauty.  Let's see if you agree.

By Patty Lynn

“The face that launched a thousand ships” was one description of...
The beauty of a women’s face and man’s idea of love.
“You oughta be in pictures, you’re wonderful to see”
Was one composer’s way to show a face’s quality.

These two are just examples of what beauty is to some
And everyone has their idea, and likewise, I have one.
To me there’s nothing that compares to this when simply worn,
And I‘ve considered many things, I’m definite, not torn,

But I believe it matters not, the beauty of each feature.
There’s something universal that is true for every creature…
And this alone makes every face so beautiful, indeed,
That I with every confidence and certainty proceed.

To me a face, yes, every face, can be a thing of beauty
And I would be remiss if I neglected this, my duty...
To share with you, what is for me the ultimate ingredient,
And since I’ve made you wait so long, I’d better be expedient.

The single thing that must be there to make a face, well, beautiful,
Now you might disagree with me and think my view’s refutable,
But this is just MY feeling, how I myself define
What beauty is to me, that is, and it is solely mine.

To me a SMILE upon a face, is beauty, nothing less.
It doesn’t matter if that face has features that possess…
The perfect nose or steamy eyes or cheeks with lovely blush,
To me that’s immaterial, won’t ever make me gush.

No, no, not me I’d rather see a smile upon that face
And if I see it beam I’m moved, my heart begins to race.
They say the eyes are really this, a window to the soul,
But if I see a smile of joy, I just might lose control.

So if you want the secret to make yours a face of beauty,
Just listen, listen carefully, it works, yes, absolutely,
For all you have to do is SMILE and wear it faithfully
And if it’s genuine you’ve found the secret to your beauty!

Friday, August 26, 2016


If you're a Grandma or Grandpa over 65 I'm sure you can relate to the statement, "I'm not as young as I used to be!" Not a brilliant statement but very true.  And never is it so obvious than when you're spending a couple of hours with your grandchildren.  Tiring, for sure, but wonderful time spent?  Yes, indeed! I think all we grandparents would agree.  And that's what prompted this blog.  Whether 40 or 70, I'm sure you can relate.

By Patty Lynn

Today I spent the afternoon with my two favorite boys.
At first, they played outside a bit while I enjoyed the noise.
Then after that we played a game, a video game with clues…
To help you find some objects in a room with different views.

From there we played a bowling game on Wii; that’s so much fun.
I’ve got to say of all the games, that that’s my favorite one.
When that was done I surely hoped that downtime was in order...
Because at that point my reserve was barely worth a quarter.

But not these two, no, Candyland was what we all should play,
And I must say it sure was fun, a good end to the day.
When they were younger games would bring such tears, if either lost,
But now that they’re approaching ten, it hasn’t such a cost.

Just playing games with them today, though it was plain exhausting,
I’d never trade for anything, to my life they’re the frosting.
Then perfect timing, Mom arrived and it was time to go,
And when they did their Gram collapsed, what hit me, I don’t know...

Was it a bus, was it a train, no, just two darling boys…
Whose energy puts mine to shame, my little bit destroys.
But I am not complaining, no, the contrary is true.
The hours that I spend with them, I’d have to say, too few.

Thursday, August 25, 2016


Don’t we all forget things?  Haven’t you ever walked into a room and when you got there, scratched your head because you can’t remember what you came in there for?  Sure you have, we all have. Then why, if you’re over 60, is it thought of as evidence of a diminished capacity? And even more, why do we have to label it as a “Senior Moment?” 

By Patty Lynn

You call them “senior moments,” but I don’t like that name.
Sometimes I just forget things, my heads not in the game.
Big deal, those moments happen, I’m sure you have them, too.
When you forget I don’t assign a “special” a name to you.

“I know that I came in here for...ah, something, I don’t know?”
I try to think, but it won’t come so I just turn & go.
That doesn’t mean my mind is gone or that I have Dementia
‘Cause brilliant you have named it so, hey, let’s alert the Media.

You say that I have memory loss or other brain disorder?
Or could it be, like everyone, my thoughts just tend to wander?
And then your explanation is that it’s a sign of aging.
But aren’t we all affected by the years & aren’t we changing?

I still remember back in school we all just longed to be…
A senior, for that was the best, on that we’d all agree.
But now fast forward to today and it means something else.
To be a senior means that you belong up on the shelf.

It means you’re done, fini, the end, no longer someone bright,
That brain of yours, it now grows dim, your screws are loose, not tight!
Well, I will say, it’s not like that, there’s much that I can give.
Don’t bury me ‘neath the words like that, I’ve much more life to live.

And while you’re at it, best think twice, the names you give upset,
To “senior” this, dementia that, come on, we all forget.
And if you’re naming things like that, I’d really rather be…
A freshman, sophomore, junior, too, when you’re describing me.

Thursday, August 18, 2016


I saw something in a book I read that really stuck with me, You're younger today than you will ever be. So true.  But the more we look at life from an "older" perspective, it seems all we see are those darn limitations and mourn the loss of the things we can't do anymore.  Perhaps it's time to look at aging differently, what'd'ya say?  Could we actually think of ourselves as younger, at least for today? That certainly is more positive than negative, and by that alone has value.  Think about it.

By Patty Lynn

You’ve heard it said, “You could be dead, but it’s hell getting old!
“The young don’t know the way it feels, no matter what they’re told.”
If you’re not there, the thinning hair, the aches and pains, the wrinkles,
The slowing gait, the stop and wait, the eyes that once had twinkles…

To name a few, soon ‘twill be you, they’re part and parcel of…
The process that we all go through and aren't the things we love.
But aging’s what we all began the day that we were born.
Remember how we longed to be the grown-up you now scorn?

You say you never longed to be this face that now you see…
Right there, right in that mirror there, you say, “that can’t be me!”
Well, I assure you that it is, that’s how it works, that aging.
And it won’t stop, no matter what, despite the fact you’re waging…

A war against the toll those years have taken, left their mark,
They’ve taken once your youthful glow, replaced it with the stark…
Reality that now you live, that agile step is gone,
But what is left are achy days and fitful sleep till dawn…

Till you awake to what you say’s a day like yesterday.
Yet those two words, yes, “you awake,” that fact it should outweigh…
The negatives, the ailments, the laundry list of sorrows,
Your yesterday is over now, you have a new tomorrow.

Why dwell upon the things you had, and live in what is lost?
If you don’t see the things you have, it comes at such a cost.
You’ll miss the joy of living life, the blessings it still brings.
An attitude of gratitude improves, well, everything.

If you remember only this, I hope that you can see…
That you are younger, here today, than you will ever be.
So make the most of every day, don’t waste the time you have.
Today’s a gift, time will be swift, trade sorrowful for glad.

If you remember only this, I hope that you can see…
That you are younger, here today, than you will ever be.
So make the most of every day, don’t waste the time you have.
Today’s a gift, time will be swift, trade sorrowful for glad.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Going to Extremes

Have you ever wished that your husband was more engaged in the day-to-day household things?  Do you feel like if he were, he could help you find something when you're at your wits end,  and he's just oblivious?  Still, he's quick to notice when he can't locate something that he needs and comments, "How can find anything I this house.  It's such a mess!"

Well, tonight's post deals with these very things and shows that some are willing to go to extremes to make a point and elicit some help.

By Patty Lynn

Have you ever thought your life would be much easier if you...
Never put your things away but left them out, oh, boy, I do?
The reason that I say this is I’m sick of spending time
Or better said, of wasting it, I think that it’s a crime…

That every time I put away, oh, This or That, I find
No, that’s not right, I can not find that something, every time!
The place where I have put it just escapes me, so I’m sure...
That never putting things away’s the answer, that’s the cure!

So if I leave it out, next time I’ll find it, don’t you see?
No more that constant searching that confounds frustrated “me.”
Then confident, I tried it, I was sure of my solution…
The last thing I expected was a sort of a revolution!

I guess I didn’t think it through, consider all the clutter,
But it was clear when I could hear my husband murmur, mutter.
Yes, underneath his breath he said, “This mess, it drives me crazy!
Why can’t she put this stuff away, is she just plain too lazy?”

And so I tried, though futilely, to explain my method to him,
But he didn’t get my logic, guess such clarity eludes him.
I told him how this method would eliminate my searching,
How sure I was about this great idea I was birthing!

But he says, “Wait a minute, think about what’s left behind?
The stuff all over everywhere will make me lose my mind!
Then pretty soon the clutter will prevent you, dear, from finding
The very thing you’re looking for, this method’s undermining…

Your quest to save more time, won’t save it in the long run.
You’ll soon have what you had before, not finding things the outcome.
But if we work together, find a system that makes sense,
(And maybe all the things we have can somehow be condensed,)

Together we can do it, help each other to remember.
What do you say, could this idea be a strong contender?”
We sat right down and we figured out a way to make it work.
He looked at me, I looked at him and gave a little smirk.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


There's no blog entry tonight but a complete viewing of What's in a Rhyme?, written a few years ago.
If you click on the link it will bring you to a page where you'll see the cover of the book and below it the words Book Preview.  Click on it and you'll be brought to the complete book to view.  You can click in the lower right-hand corner and turn to the next page.  I hope you enjoy it!


Monday, August 8, 2016


I know it's been a while since I last posted but, as you know, I've published another poetry book in the interim since I prolifically wrote to fill the hours of recuperation after surgery.  I did send you all a link for AN AGE OLD STORY and when I realized how easy it was, I decided to send a link to the other two.  I've only created a link for my last book, WORDS OF WITNESS so far, which I will attach here. If you can't click using the link, just cut and paste it. When I get the other one, I'll send that one, too.

I was feeling the effects of not having written anything new and set about looking for inspiration.  I actually had developed a list of ideas for poems that I finally located, so tonight's post came from the idea list, and here it is.

By Patty Lynn

I know that I came in here to get...I don’t know what.
This memory thing it gets to me, a real pain in the butt!
Why must it be the malady of what is called Old Age?
It’s like a rite of passage that I wish I could assuage!

There’s much about this journey that I treasure, truth be told,
But this darned ‘ol forgetfulness they blame on getting OLD.
There are those times when frustrated I see the signs of aging.
I merely look into a mirror and realize I’m facing…

The fact that I have lived each line, each wrinkle I have earned.
And yet I wouldn’t trade a one, they’ve taught me what I have learned.
Those dreaded lines & wrinkles are a testament of sorts…
Of happy times and sorrowful, my face of these reports.

Oh, there are times when bad prevails, we’re sure will never end,
But God will always see us through, an ear He’ll always lend.
Our port, He‘ll be, amidst the storms of life that come our way,
So lean on Him when troubles come for heavily they weigh.

Yes, God’s the One to call on when life’s problems overwhelm.
It’s well you know you can’t survive depending on yourself.
In looking back, I’ve had my share, yes, bad times came aplenty,
But in His care, since He was there, I’d not wish I was twenty.

Oh, “young” is what the “twenties” think the old would rather be,
But I’d not trade a single day of smiling, that’s the key.
“You mean you wouldn’t trade the bad for good times if you could?”
 “I wouldn’t ‘cause they made me who I am, as well they should.”

So, though I’m bothered that I can’t remember like I did,
I’m really happy that my life is one I’d call well lived!
The memories that I treasure, I’ve stored and can recall.
Those momentary lapses...that’s all they are, 
                                                                       that’s all.