Monday, June 13, 2016


So late and yet I can't begin to think of going to bed without expressing what's on my heart. Tomorrow at 10 a.m. I see the foot doctor.  It's been one week exactly since the procedure to remove the abscess and I'm so anxious to see what my foot looks like as I've not seen it in all that time.  Also, I will learn what his assessment of my progress will be.  I pray it looks healthy, not inflamed and I'm blessed with a good report.

By Patty Lynn

It’s Sunday night and all is well, for soon to bed I go...
Anticipating what will come tomorrow morn and so…
I’ll try to fill my thoughts with this, a good report to be,
That when the doc evaluates my poor left foot for me…

I pray that what he finds is that my foot has healed well
And that it’s time, to leave the past behind and fears dispel,
That clear it is, the evidence, that all my toes are fine
Because, at last, my little toe won’t wander out of line.

And so my story will not end with more that isn’t right,
No surgeries, infections or more complicated blight.
That I’ll be done, the battles won, just further healing’s due,
And I will hope I can attempt to actually wear a shoe.

This is my hope but it may be a bit of wishful thinking,
But if it is, I hope, at least, it is a new beginning…
Fulfilling this, my hope of having two good feet that work
So I can take my daily walk, a routine won’t shirk.

Yes, walking’s been the goal for me, the thing that I most wish.
These weeks have been a tragic curse as if imposed by witch.
But it will all be worth it, time gladly left behind
If God’s will is to grant my wish and walking’s finally mine.

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