Monday, June 6, 2016


This latest post was written last night before my return to surgery this morning, a very unpleasant thought.  By this time I expected to have the boot gone and a return to walking.  You see, Friday night was one spent in agonizing pain after I had gotten the horrifying news that I now had cellulitis.
Fortunately, my doctor had prescribed an antibiotic & I thought that was the end of all of this. Instead, the cellulitis progressed. I now had an abscess that swelled up, made my little toe as wide as my big toe and continued to grow larger & larger and more & more painful. I finally got a hold of the doctor and was told he would open & drain it this morning. I'll post another entry about all of that later today.

By Patty Lynn

The weekend’s almost over and looking back I find
That just so much has happened, that’s weighing on my mind.
It seems as though I haven’t reaped the benefits I sought,
But rather I have back-tracked; things happened that should not.

I should be looking forward to days of walking tall,
Enjoying days of summer, my flowers, yard and all.
But rather I am thinking, about tomorrow’s visit,
Returning to the doctor, how many times now is it?

I think this is the third one, and things have gotten worse,
From cellulitis, so he said, believe me it’s a curse,
Compounded by an abscess that, he says, "It must be lanced!"
A part of cellulitis then, when it becomes advanced…

And I don’t know what to expect, but I think it will smart,
So I will pray for bravery, God’s comfort for my heart.
I’ll also pray that this will be the end to complications,
My foot will be allowed to heal, a source of celebration.

For, as they say, this whole ordeal is getting pretty old.
I knew that outcomes medical can’t often be controlled
But didn’t think I’d have the kind of pain I’ve had to face,
Nor did I think I’d still be in this awful, painful brace.

It’s such a shame for I progressed so very, very well,
Was right on track, I didn’t lack, as far as I could tell.
And then it seemed to go, well, south, that’s what my husband said.
I never dreamed about the bad direction that things lead.

So I will go tomorrow morn to see the doc again
And I will hope that I will only see the doctor when…
I follow up and things have been so good and worry-free,
That there will have a healthy foot, that finally works for me!

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