Thursday, June 30, 2016


I never thought that taking a daily morning walk would mean so much to me. But as it happens, it does and that has been my biggest loss through the this whole difficult time.  Sitting in a chair day in day out has certainly taken it's toll, but fortunately writing entries for this blog has really been a God-send. Now I've allowed myself to think about getting back into those daily morning walks.

By Patty Lynn

I guess it’s now a waiting game, there’s healing to be done,
Continuing to give to God the end result, for one,
And that is only part of it, my psyche needs some work.
Believing this will turn out right, from that I often shirk.

Oh, I could justify my thoughts, inject some good excuses,
But all in all you’d soon find out that really what’s the use of…
Worrying and fretting and “what if-ing it to death.
It truly serves no purpose, not really, I confess.

I’ll have to set those thoughts aside, accept the end result,
And if I’d walk again each morn, I’d do a somersault!
It seems so, well, ironic, that that’s my greatest wish,
Since walking as an exercise was never on my list.

I never was an athlete, I didn’t care for sports,
And when “the gang” went to the gym it made me “out of sorts.”
I knew that I should exercise, I knew I really should,
But I felt so self-conscious and that is never good.

So I missed out on how they said endorphins made you feel.
Yeah, I missed out and justified my loss as no big deal.
But when much later in my life my back did not complain,
I found a joy I hadn’t known, or thought I could attain.

Just simply walking made me feel alive and so much better…
Than how I felt without that walk, it made me a go-getter!
It long had been that back of mine that kept me oh, so, limited,
I was inclined, I was resigned, but now, at last, was spirited.

So that’s my goal when all of this is finally said & done,
To take that daily walk again, outside and feel the sun…
Upon my face, I can’t erase, this dream that’s just so vivid.
Achieving this, will be my “fix,” if not, why, I’ll be livid.

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