Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Originally, I planned to write a companion to my previous poem, I NEVER DREAMED, in an effort to dispell the idea that I was still in a great deal of pain. Afterall, by the time Sunday rolled around, I was pleasantly anticipating that early Monday morning appointment.  

Unfortunately, I had no idea of what kind of pain I’d be facing after the abscess was drained and cleaned.  For that matter, I didn’t realize that I would have to be under another general anesthetic to have the lancing done. Well, believe you me, the pain after that was unexpectedly unbearable! It's no exaggeration that it sincerely felt like my foot was bathed in acid! So keep in mind that's when I wrote the following.

But, the good news is that the foot doctor's assistant suggested that I take Ibuprofen twice a day, just for a couple of days to calm down the inflammation, and I can actually walk with my foot touching the ground. No more pain, no more acid ! Hallelujah!!!

By Patty Lynn

I thought today would be a cinch, I’d simply say goodbye...
To all of the infection, to drain it so that I…
Would fin’ly be rid of it, a pain so darn severe
That all my meds won’t touch it, I so wish it weren’t here…

But here it is, I’m in such pain it’s hard for me to tell…
Just what it’s like, though different, no point for me to dwell…
Upon it now, suffice to say, it’s like an open wound,
And certainly it’s not the way I thought I’d feel in June.

But what was done in an attempt to reconstruct my foot,
There wasn’t any precedent, unique, it simply put...
Was very complicated, most doctors had declined
To even try to do the job, would never cross their mind.

So here I am, the abscess gone, surprised I’m in such pain,
That when my foot is down at all, I hardly know my name.
By that I mean, I’m so consumed, so in the grip of pain
That I can think of nothing else,  just one thing I can blame.

But what’s the point, no point at all describing how I deal
With pain, my limitations too, exactly how I feel?
It makes no difference, anyway, what matters is you care
And if you do, that’s all I need, just knowing that you’re there.

You see, each person has “something” that’s difficult to shoulder,
And, if we’re honest, painful things are part of getting older.
An operation, broken bones or ol’ arthritis flare-up,
Regardless, we must always do our very best to bare-up.

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