Wednesday, June 29, 2016


My entry for today is somewhat tongue in cheek.  That is, it first started out as an experiment. Occasionally I enjoy letting a poem take me places I didn't plan on going.  I get a thought and a scenario and the poem just unfolds.  So, here it is.

By Patty Lynn

It’s funny how things just evolve without conscious intentions,
How thoughts creep in you didn’t plan, as unannounced inventions.
My mind it goes to places where I’m lost in revere,
Imagining a time gone by when you were here with me.

Those lovely days when hand in hand we walked a distant shore;
You held my hand and I held yours, who could have asked for more?
Then tenderly you whispered low, “My darling, dear, my own,
I hear a lilting gosh, is that your phone?”

My readers, I apologize, but this is not farfetched,
Like cellphones, our technology is indelibly etched…
Into the fabric of our lives, we’re inextricably connected…
To our equipment, not to us, we’re systematically subjected…

To what we think improves our lives...enhanced communication.
But really what we’ve gained is this, severe contamination…
Of one on one, of face to face, of talking to each other.
We’ve lost the art of speaking with our voice to one another.

Likewise, when was the last time that you actually wrote a letter?
I bet when you received one you found that was even better.
Writing letters, simply put, has fallen by the wayside,
Replaced with texts which never leave me feeling on the gay side.

But that’s just one example, there are many things we’ve lost.
These gadgets we depend on have come at such a cost!
Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have the access it affords me,
But only if I don’t ignore the person moving towards me…

With whom I need to talk, engage, strike up a conversation,
A person who has sought me out, what if it’s time invasion?
Why is it we’re too busy, just so rushed throughout our day,
We haven’t any time to “Chat, I’ll text ya,’ that OK?”

It was a wise man who once said, “All things in moderation,”
Why can’t we try that concept here, give this consideration?
It doesn’t have be like this, an all or nothing prospect.
Just vow that being face to face is best, the brightest concept.

And so I’ll step down from my box, I guess I’ve said my piece.
Technology is here to stay, my thoughts have had release.
Perhaps reverse a thought or two, make people your priority.
I think your life will be enriched, I say with some authority.

For no one wants to think that they’re connected, only sort of
And real communication, well, a cellphone just falls short of…
The kind of real connection you achieve when face to face.
For really we’re not robots rather from the human race.

I’m not suggesting that we throw away all our technology.
These thoughts are my opinion & for that I’ve no apology.
It may be that I’m older and I grew up quite without it.
I know that it has value and you really shouldn't doubt it.

I would suggest you realize that meaningful conversing
Should be reserved for times that you communicate in-person.

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