Friday, June 17, 2016


It's Friday and I've just finished the poem I started last night.  So, as you can tell by the title, it concerns itself with Thursday.  Funny how when I began Thursday's poem, I realized that I had been in the house the entire day, which I suppose is OK since it was a dark & dreary day, anyway.  Today by contrast is a beautiful day & I did get out to the store briefly.  Almost makes me feel normal. Imagine that.

By Patty Lynn

I sit alone and realize that I have never left.
I’ve never left the house today but I am not depressed,
No, rather I am pleased with me, for I accomplished much.
As I am now allowed to walk and, brother, it's a rush.

I gave myself a haircut, I organized & straightened,
I made both lunch and supper, too, the normalcy was great and…
I changed the bedding with the help of Frank, my helpful husband.
He’s there for me, no matter what, for him I needn’t summon.

I opened up the package that bore my latest bargain,
A brand-new bedspread just for me, Frank didn’t want a part in,
But it was perfect for my room, the colors complimented.
One look at it and all I felt was happy and contented.

I stood too much, I know I did, just doing all that stuff,
But, brother, it was worth it, but it was not enough…
To make up for the weeks and weeks I sat & couldn’t walk,
Recouping the priority, how could I even baulk…

When all I want is simply this, my morning walks outside,
To feel the sunshine on my face, a mile or two with pride.
It will take time to fully gain the full use of my foot,
To walk the distance at a clip unless it goes caput…

It’s possible that my infection could return again,
And if it does, the doctor says that toe must go and then…
I’ll bow my head and go on praying to the Lord above
To heal me and to make me whole with His enduring love.

I’ve been so blessed each day I live, so much I’m thankful for,
And if another challenge comes or three or four or more,
I know my Savior will be there to guide and help me through it.
His love alone will give me strength to know that I can do it!

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