Thursday, June 2, 2016


Today’s blog was actually written yesterday and serves as an accurate account of just what I’m going through.  Who would’ve thought such a little toe could cause such a big problem?

All that can be done at this point, is keep my foot elevated, reposition the splint periodically, check the toe’s status, control the pain and, of course, PRAYER!

By Patty Lynn

 Now that’s a daunting title, but one I know first-hand.
Between the weekend and today, my pain has just been grand.
I’m told I have high-tolerance, at least, that’s what they say,
But “they,” I wish they’d shut their mouths, who are they, anyway?

I finally saw the doctor to show my wandering toe,
The little one was now behind the others, don’t ya’ know?
It still was pinned, I was confused, how could that have occurred?
He didn’t know, but offered me...a “splint,” that was the word…

But really just a piece of tape, a stiff piece, ‘cause he said,
“If I would give you something hard, a wooden splint, instead,
Your poor, sore toe would never, never tolerate the pain.
I’ll use the tape to hold it there, at least, that is my aim.”

Since Friday night that toe of mine had been behind the fourth
And since it had, for three full days it wished to stay the course.
The movement of it to the spot that it was ‘posed to be,
If I’d describe the pain I’d say, unbearable to me…

Prevented me from sleep last night, was even worse by morning,
For now the toe began again to wander without warning.
Then once again the dressing and the bandage were removed,
So likewise was the splint redone, the toe to be improved.

The pain meds and re-dressing helped until late afternoon,
But with a vengeance it came back, I’d say, it was attune…
To being shot, or being burned, or being amputated.
Suffice to say, in every way, it can’t be overstated!

And so I did my very best to tolerate the pain,
Increased the meds, put up my leg, attempts were all in vain.
But still I was determined because the doctor said
That if this splint holds up your toe, all placement hopes aren’t dead.

But by the time I couldn’t take the toe pain anymore,
My husband knew he had check, to really know the score.
And when he did, we both were shocked to see it’s present state…
The toe had swollen twice it’s size, we knew we couldn’t wait…

Besides, I ran a temperature of 101.4,
But found that after 5 o’clock, the doc responds no more.
And so the doc that was on call suggested some Naproxen,
Some ice, good luck and call my doc tomorrow, was my option.

We followed what that doc advised, what other choice had we?
I’ll try to sleep till morning comes and hope the doc sees me.
The options to correct the situation with my toe
Are ones I just can’t think about, tonight I will forego.


I’m glad that I can fill you in and make a good report:
I slept all right, awoke pain-free & with the doc’s support…
I knew that I could see this through, that I would have success.
But when I called, found out he’s off, thought, “How do I progress?”

So, I was transferred this time to a lovely nurse who said,
“He’s off today but he’ll see you tomorrow aft, instead.
I’ll see him then & we’ll discuss my small toe’s remedy.
The fact that I must deal with this, is such a tragedy!

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