Thursday, June 9, 2016


It’s late Wednesday night and the following are the thoughts going through my head after the unexpected news I had today. 

By Patty Lynn

I’ve taken pen to paper just because my tablet’s charging.
Like me it’s running low, for sure, today’s news quite alarming.
The doctor’s office called, I thought, they wished to check on me.
They do that kind of thing, you know, if you've had surgery.

But I was unprepared for what they really called to say,
The doctor was so sure, you see, infection was at bay.
He took a culture of the bone, just to be sure he said,
But really felt from what he saw to bone it hadn’t spread.

So when the culture he sent out came back and said it had,
I felt as though my world collapsed, consumed with feeling sad.
As a result, I’ll have to be on meds a good six weeks
To kill the bone’s infection, the bacteria it seeks.

I asked, “Could this prevent the bone from healing as it should?”
The answer was “It’s possible” and that indeed’s not good.
“But we won’t know, won’t know for sure, until your foot has healed.
A couple months at least it takes, and all will be revealed.”

So I am down and really scared, not knowing what will be,
But blessed there’s One who knows the truth, has answers just for me.
The Lord above can strengthen me and see me through this trial.
My news today wish it weren’t mine, but that would be denial.

No earthly means can comfort me regardless of the outcome.
No matter what, I know He’s there, I always am His loved one.
So time will tell what is in store, what end will be my healing.
But with the Lord I can survive, His will to be revealing. 

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