Saturday, June 11, 2016


This poem was written yesterday when I was so thrilled to be up and walking. Today not so much, so, as my foot struggles to stand for more than a few minutes at a time I still feel the joy of walking.  I' m so blessed to walk at all and, though limited, it's a step (pun intended) in the right direction.

By Patty Lynn

Today I was more mobile, I walked around the house,
Then went outside to see my flowers, securing me, my spouse.
The things we take for granted made more precious by restriction
Are so much sweeter when achieved, a much longed for prediction!

The sun, the shade made dappled by our wondrous backyard trees,
To feel the air upon my face is happiness indeed.
But even though I did too much and paid the price tonight,
I’ve no regrets, I’ll rest and then tomorrow I will fight…

To keep mobility the goal, re-introduce myself...
To moving from my chair at last, I’ll gladly say farewell.
I only hope that all of this will end with good result.
The memory of this to erase, it’s been most difficult.

So often with our health we feel the doctor’s in control,
Forgetting that it’s God himself in charge of us, in whole.
Yes, we can follow all the rules, what pills to take and such,
But none of it affects a change without the Father’s touch.

For He alone can turn the tide, can heal our soul and body,
Can change a day to sunshine bright from one that’s dark and cloudy.
We must remember only He can truly heal each heart,
Can take you from a hurtful time back to a healthy start.

And so tonight as I reflect, I know much lies ahead.
Perhaps the end to all my trials is where the Father’s lead,
But if it’s not, I know He’ll give me strength to see it through,
Reminding me that He’s in charge and he’ll make all things new.

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