Tuesday, June 14, 2016


By Patty Lynn

For those of you who can recall the TV shows gone by,
I’m speaking of the 50’s, mine often amplify.
I loved to watch the actor, Steve Reeves, as Superman.
So many men have played him since & I suppose each can…

But he’s who I remember more fondly than the rest.
And though you may not feel the same, I think he was the best.
Today I thought about the phrase that each time was repeated…
Before each episode began, how viewers all were greeted.

In fact, that phrase is known by some who’ve never seen the show,
So I will tell you what it is, once heard I’m sure you’ll know:
“Is it a bird? Is it a plane?” I’m sure you know the rest.
“Oh, no it’s Superman,” it goes, I bet you passed the test.

But why did that phrase come to mind especially today?
It’s strange, that’s true, but you will see by what I have to say.
You see, when I first saw my foot with toes so straight and true,
I didn’t recognize it, hey, does that belong to you?

And so that phrase it came to mind but with an alteration.
It may be hard to understand, I needed affirmation.
So to myself I said these words, reminding me again…
Of Superman and of that phrase from TV way back when.

“Is it a foot, is it my foot?” now you might think it silly,
You may be right but, I confess, my thoughts came willy-nilly.
So much has happened with that foot that started so deformed
That when I saw it, I must say, indeed it had transformed!

This poem was written yesterday right after I saw the doctor, the first since I had the 2nd surgery to remove an abscess that had developed on my little toe. Unfortunately, it had invaded the bone as well so now I must wait until the 6 weeks of antibiotics is concluded in hopes that the infection will not come back.  If it does, the doctor will have to amputate the little toe.  I pray it will not come to that and I will have a foot with straight toes, all five.

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