Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Tonight's blog is dedicated to someone I hold dear, someone who, like all of us, needs a reminder of how special she is and what a good mother she is.  You see, once a mother always a mother and no matter how old we are or how grown up our children are, we will always love, always care, and will always do anything for them.

By Patty Lynn

She often thinks about the years when you were very small,
The sleepless nights, the coughs and colds, the soothing of it all,
The skinned-up knees, the feelings hurt, the worries in your teens,
“What should I do, my life is through, or should I get those jeans?”

It seems so very long ago, a lifetime, that’s for sure,
But funny thing, for motherhood, there isn’t any cure.
It matters not if you are three or nearly middle-aged,
You are the “Mom” no matter what, it isn't "just a stage."

A Mother’s love it knows no bounds, far as the heart can see.
She never stops believing she’s the answers to your plea.
Solutions aren’t forthcoming but she wants so much to fix it.
She’ll never, ever stop her tries or recognize her limits.

That how she’s made, you are her child, she wants the best for you.
No matter what, concerning you, she’s there to see you through.
So if the choices you have made have really got you down,
You’re overwhelmed, say life’s not fair, your mom is still around.

You know she’ll do all she can do though you might think, “That’s all?”
No matter what, she’ll try to be right at your beckon call.
The bottom line is that she wants for you what’s best, what’s good.
She loves you, dear, with all her heart for such is motherhood.

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