Sunday, May 29, 2016


Today was my lowest day since this foot thing began so rather than elaborate, my poem will say it all.

By Patty Lynn

It started just the other day, I found I had a pain,
A new one, I have got to say, but it sure knew my name.
It bothered me to have it now, since it was something new.
It wasn’t like the rest I had, with that pain I was through.

It felt as though my little toe would hit inside my boot,
And yet, by this stage, that’s not right, no, that does not compute.
And so I said, “Let’s take a look,” so we removed the dressing,
And what we saw was not at all what I would call a blessing.

You see, although the reasons why I had the surgery…
Were issues that were such that it became necessity,
One major part effecting me was this: the little toe,
For it positioned ‘neath the foot, was walking on it so…

That with each step the pain was so intense that I would wince.
It wasn’t long before I knew, yes, I became convinced,
That all these problems multiplied, they needed to be fixed.
I searched and interviewed some docs, a lot were in the mix,

Then settled on the present doc who took upon the challenge,
Who was convinced it doable, was sure that he could manage…
To straighten-up my foot to make it possible to walk.
But though he couldn’t guarantee, I really, really thought…

That, at the very least, my toe, that I was walking on,
Would be positioned where it should when he was finally done.
And, certainly, I didn’t think, while all were pinned in place,
That little toe behind the rest, that that would be the case.

So though I placed a page, was told my doctor was on call,
I had to wait about an hour, which gave me time to bawl,
To finally hear, oh, not from him, but from some random doc
Who wasn’t a podiatrist, no reason I should talk…

At length about the toe at all, his tack was standard stuff,
“Things change when they are healing, dear, I know it can be rough.
But they can probably get you in, so call when Tuesday comes.
It’s hard to say just what your foot’s alignment will become.”

And then he said, “Well, you could go straight to Emergency.”
To which I said, “And to what end?” and he said, “I agree.”
So basically, I’m stuck, that’s it, and I will wait until…
Next Tuesday when I’ll make the call and hope I get a thrill…

By that I mean, I’ll find someone who’ll want me to come in…
To have a look, evaluate, and then adjust the pin
Or do whatever can be done to lift this cloud of black,
Replace it with these magic words, “Looks good, you’re right on track.”             

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