Thursday, May 19, 2016


So yesterday marked the half-way mark of the saga of the foot.  I had the stitches out.  I was anxious to go but not just because I wanted the stitches gone, I needed to tell them that I had been experiencing some really painful days of late, pain that I had way back just after surgery.  I couldn't stand for more than 3-5 minutes and zings of that pain were so severe I would actually cry out.  I knew that wasn't normal, that I should be getting around pretty good with just the boot and frankly, I felt I was going backwards.  The irony was that I knew it had everything to do with my third toe, the toe that I questioned when I had my first post-opt visit.  That toe was twisted and down lower than the other toes and it just "didn't look right."  I'm no doctor but it was really obvious and I didn't buy it when they said, "All the toes look just how we want them to look."

Yesterday, surprise, surprise, they took notice (all the while I'm thinking, "Why didn't they listen to me in the first place?") So the choices were to spend the next three weeks in agony or pull the pin out of that toe now.  I don't know if that will jeopardize the end result as the other pins won't come out for 3 more weeks but it's the only decision that makes sense.  It was immediate, the pain was gone and I walked out of the office while I came in sitting in a wheelchair.  So I'm minus the stitches and one pin and continuing to pray that all will turn out with a positive result.  I go back 3 weeks from yesterday and supposedly will be pinless and bootless and hope, like the dickens, that I can put on a shoe.

By Patty Lynn

Yesterday I had them out, the stitches, and I’d say
That it was great to see my foot, its beauty on display.
It still looks like raw meat, it’s true, but healing like it should.
The swelling has gone down a bit, I finally understood…

How complicated this had been, to reconstruct my foot.
Just breaking all my toes and then to make sure they’d stay put,
To fuse the big toe so that toe would then be straight, at last
And all of this would take some time and nothing would go fast…

Including all the healing time then praying all would go...
Exactly as was planned and hoped but do we really know?
Because each doctor said he’d never seen a foot like mine,
So crippled and misshapen and most chose to decline.

Until this doctor took a look and said he lives for challenge,
His reputation was real good, no signs he was unbalanced.
So I decided to choose him and prayed he’d do it right.
I’m half-way through, ‘tween me and you, the ending is in sight.

The pins will be removed they say in three more weeks or so,
But yesterday things changed a bit, one pin just had to go...
Because that toe was causing pain that radiated down
Which made the foot hurt and it showed, each day I worn a frown.

So I was glad to see it go, the pain’s alleviated.
There’s three toes pinned, I’m not upset, but rather I’m elated!
Though ‘head of schedule or on time, it had to say goodbye
‘Cause three more weeks of pain like that, I couldn’t even try!

This process can’t be done too soon, I pray for it’ success,
For in God’s hands and by His grace, the outcome He will bless.
I’ll turn it over, trusting Him to help me understand.
Whatever it may be, I know, it’s just what He has planned.

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