Thursday, May 12, 2016


Today's blog is in my estimation long overdue.  I've chronicled the FOOT escapade so far and will, as the spirit moves me, continue to do so, after all, the stitch removal is next week.  Doesn't that sound like fun?  So, back to the blog for today.  I haven't given credit where it's due as I haven't yet done a blog dedicated to, as the title says, the man behind the scenes, none other than Frank, my dutiful and wonderful husband.  Believe me when I say, "I couldn't have done this without him." Because I couldn't have cared for myself and an operation like this has certain home-care needs that no single person can do.  And so, I've written and now share with you:

by Patty Lynn

Sometimes when I am writing, a phrase will come to me
And that will be the basis of what the poem will be.
Today that is what happened and so my inspiration…
Began with just these simple words that aided my creation.

If you have read about the facts recorded in this missile,
You know of the foot surgery, you found in this epistle,
And sometimes laughed, as I have, too, while I have been recouping,
Because it’s best to laugh through pain than let yourself be brooding.

I cannot downplay how involved or just how complicated
The operation really was, that fact’s not overstated,
Nor can I underestimate the care that I required
Once back at home, my foot up high, all that my heart desired.

But something that you need to know was WHO was there assisting,
The one who’d answer my requests and never was dismissing.
And sometimes he would worry, too, anticipating mishaps
Imagining the worst outcomes that surely would mean setbacks.

For instance, I’d be out of sight, and uttering a sound
Like, “Darn it, oh or Geez,” a sigh, then this what I found,
I’d hear this question without fail, he’d say, “What’s goin’on?”
And I would answer back to him, “Oh, nothin’s goin’ on.

And as it was predictable I thought it kinda funny
But really I knew that he cared, my husband, dear, my honey.
It’s still the same though I’ve improved, I’m doing more myself,

But if I need care constantly, I’d choose nobody else.

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