Saturday, May 21, 2016


I wanted to make sure that going to church tomorrow is feasible since it would be the last time I'd see the sweet 3&4-year-old children that I have in Sunday School.  There are a few steps into the room and that concerned me but I also needed to know if I could walk as far as I needed to get to the room they occupy and back to the church proper for the service.  So my thought was for my husband and myself to make a short trip to the grocery store to pick up some steak.

Well, that was a rude awakening.  Although I have been motivating pretty well around the house for the past few days, it was obvious that it would be a mistake to tackle going to church, as much as I want to go.

Here is the poem that tells the whole story:

By Patty Lynn

Today was an adventure, a challenge I imposed.
I wanted to determine, the distance I could go.
You see, I really wanted to go to church and tell…
My precious Sunday Schoolers that I was doing well.

This foot has been the reason I’ve not been there to see…
The faces of the children who share God’s Word with me.
And so, as I’m more mobile, I gave myself this test:
A short stop to the market, but would my foot protest?

I really thought it doable, but I confess it wasn’t,
And if you asked if my foot hurt, I’d like to say, “It doesn’t.”
But what I learned and realized was that I’m not quite ready…
To cover that much space as yet, but progress has been steady.

The point is that I tried today but know my limitations.
I know that I’m progressing and that all I need is patience,
And more specifically I learned, though I wish that I could do it,
That church tomorrow’s not advised, it’s best that I don’t do it.

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