Wednesday, May 4, 2016


As I've mentioned before, today was the day I saw the podiatrist's PA to remove the bandages and change the dressing.  I thought I was prepared for what I saw, afterall, I knew what was done and how horrific it would be, but... rather than reiterate what my reactions were, I'll let my poetic thoughts say it all.

By Patty Lynn

Today was the unveiling, the dressing was removed.
The PA had to change it, but let's say, "I'm not amused."
My foot, it looked so…horrible…so very unexpected
That if I could have sent it back, it would have been rejected.

In short, it is impossible for me to just describe it.
If it was not attached to me I wouldn’t recognize it.
Now, if I think about steps they took for my procedure,
I must confess, and I am not a squeamish kind of creature,

From breaking all my toes to then the tricky job resetting,
Removing all the previous screws, then fusing some, I’m betting,
Was certainly traumatic and brutal to my foot…
And complicated, quite involved, dramatic, simply put…

But BROTHER, oi, that “thing” that sits right there below my leg,
It looks like “the unholy” and for mercy can I beg?
For now I guess I’ve made my point, it doesn’t look real great!
I’ll have to just accept it for there’s healing to be made.

In two more weeks the plan is the removal of my stitches,
Then three more weeks no pins, no boot, a celebration which is…
What I will have and hopefully begin to wear real shoes,
And no more painful walking and my singing of the blues!

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