Tuesday, May 24, 2016


So yesterday I was feeling much better in the foot department and I thought I could do a sitting activity since I've wanted to clean out my receipt files, especially the medical ones.  So all was going well and, of course, I rested all through lunch with my foot up and thought that'd be enough.

After lunch my foot was still feeling alright so I resumed my office project.  Well, about 4 pm I thought maybe I should quit and put my foot up again, you know, rest awhile.  So almost immediately my foot started tingling, not in a good way, a kind of throbbing and I knew.  Yeah, I'd overdone it. So, I have learned my lesson and realized, in spades, that I still have a long way to go healing-wise and if I do too much too soon, I'm going to pay for it.

By Patty Lynn

I learned my lesson, yes, I did,
The hard way, some would say.
And, boy, I know it, yes, I do.
I paid for it today.

You see, I felt so good, I did,
And so I crossed the line.
By that I mean I left the place
Of “Raise that leg” behind.

Besides I said, “Well, I just sat
And didn’t do much standing.”
But even so, I did too much
And now my bod’s demanding…

That I sit still, assume the pose.
If not, I’ll pay the price...
For “doing” in the office, well,
My foot says isn’t nice.

“You want to heal the way you should.
Now, don’t you want to rest?
Put up that foot, don’t leave it down.
That really is the best.”

Well, certainly, I want my foot
To heal so I can walk,
Enjoy the summer days, I do,
And when the Doc takes stock…

He’ll say, “Your foot is more than great,
More than I had predicted.
Though it was hard to sit that much,
It’s good you were restricted…

Because your foot, it needed that,
To heal the way it did.
I know to sit that much was hard,
But paid off for you, kid.

A good result, that’s what I want,
My walking to restore,
To walk the treadmill when it’s cold,
Walk outside like before.

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