Sunday, May 1, 2016


This past Thursday was our anniversary, 15 years and counting and although I wrote and sang a parody of Poetry in Motion for my husband, we couldn't even celebrate over a dinner out.  Why? Well, as all of you know, having read the poetic journey through my foot surgery, we have been STUCK at home.  It's only (almost) day seven and this is already getting really OLD!  But it is made bearable with a very dutiful and loving husband and all he does on a daily basis for me AND my wonderful family and friends who have come or called or written.  What would I do without all of you???  The answer to that is, I don't know.  It certainly would be difficult, to say the least.  So, thank you to all of you.  Your love and concern mean more than words can say.

Tonight's blog will be a tribute to the man who puts up with all of this and not for the first time, I might add.

By Patty Lynn

I hardly can believe it, how long we’ve been together,
Yet in a blink I’m back again pledging that forever…
I’d love & honor always, for better and for worse.
It seems you drew the shorter straw, you've often been my “nurse.”

We couldn’t have predicted just what life had in store,
Just what would be demanded, or how much less or more.
I only wish that you’d been spared, had married someone healthy,
Or at the very least, that you had landed someone wealthy.

But you picked me and I picked you, and I’m sure glad we did
‘Cause here we are, we’ve come this far, pledged long as we both live.
But let’s face facts, there still is time and YOU might need a nurse,
We just don’t know the ebb and flow, our roles might be reversed…

And I’ll be taking care of you and we will cope as always.
We never know what to expect or what will be the next phase,
But what we know is that our love can weather any storm
And that in marriage as in life there’s no such thing as “norm.”

This is a milestone, year fifteen, and I’m so proud of us.
We’ve come so far, I know there’s more, that’s why I’ve made a fuss.
We cannot know the future for that we cannot see,
But I know that there’s no one else with whom I’d rather be.

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