Saturday, April 23, 2016


I've never been one to stick to a Spring Cleaning ritual.  Rather I do it when it's time, or try to a least, but when this poem took shape I thought it would be a good title.  There are things we do throughout the year but there always seems to be those couple of jobs that keep on being put off for another day.
Going through the pictures and papers that our Mom kept through the years was something that, well, we'd tackle on a rainy day.  But, the rainy days have come and gone and this project never got done, so we finally decided it was time.  As much as we dreaded doing it, it turned out to be really fun. We're going to finish up tomorrow, really, not the elusive tomorrow, literally tomorrow, and actually, I can't wait.

By Patty Lynn

“I need your help,” was all it took, “What do you need,”I said,
And we were off, my sis and me, I followed where she led.
She’d kept those photos, papers, too, since our dear Mom had died,
So it was time to take a look and then at last decide…

What should be kept or thrown away, it was the time to purge.
She’d tried to do it on her own, had often had the urge,
But it seemed insurmountable, the task, indeed, was daunting.
She thought if done in tandum, then, might not be so exhausting.

Old pictures, often duplicates of ones we both had kept,
Momentos that our Mom held dear and she loved to collect.
Mom’s keepsakes, yes, but loose, unmarked, they weren’t identified.
It’s such a shame, a year, a name, I wish had been supplied.

And so we tackled going through the envelopes and boxes.
A trip, it was, down memory lane remembering, then pauses…
Recalling friends & relatives, some pics kept us in stitches.
We marked some KEEP while others were the ones we marked as PITCHES.

There’s more to do, no, we aren’t through, tomorrow’s on the docket,
More memories of days gone by, for us it’s fun, don’t knock it.
When it’s all done, we’ll revel in the job that we’ve accomplished,
Then we'll look back at what we’ve done, and we will be...


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