Thursday, April 28, 2016


Here's the next installment in the journey through Patty's foot surgery. And an important part this is. This time after surgery could have been a solitary one if it weren't for my dear family, and I'm so thankful for them.

By Patty Lynn

My day’s complete, my family came to see if I’m OK!
My daughter brought my grand-dog, Arch, to give him time to play…
With our dog Cooper, they’re good friends who love our fenced-in yard.
They chased each other, back & forth, and barked & ran real hard.

When they both left my sister came with groceries and flowers,   
A glass of wine, and laughs galore, we could have talked for hours.
Then Frank & I had pizza, yum, that is our favorite treat,
And after that, the best for last, my grandchildren so sweet.

How is it that, when you’re in pain and tired from the day,
Two little boys can come to call and kiss your blues away?
Your foot, it hurts, the feeling’s back, the pain is quite whopper,
But then you get a great big hug and it’s a real pain stopper?

They may not be those little ones I used to rock to sleep,
But when they tell me, “I love you,” it brings me to my knees?
To put that love in words is hard, it’s not like any other,
Suffice to say, it’s what you’ll feel when you’re an old grandmother.

 So I will sit here patiently, I’ll try, let’s put it that way,
Until I hear my visitors who’re pulling in my driveway.
I’m ready for the smiles they bring, along with hugs and kisses.
My foot may hurt, I’m stuck inside, but then there are those visits.

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