Monday, April 18, 2016


Looks like surgery is imminent.  As much as I wish there was another way, the pain in my left foot has progressed to the point that there are no shoes that will fit and no way to walk without pain.  The surgery is next Monday at 2 PM and although I know this is the only decision that makes sense, it's still a gamble, as all surgery is.  I've asked all the questions (even recorded the conversation I had with the doctor so as not to forget anything) and am as confident as I can be at this point.  The outcome I pray will be good and I can "walk" in the parade of life in a normal pair of shoes. Hopefully, that's not too much to ask.

By Patty Lynn

It happened fifteen years ago,
A simple operation,
A little bunionectomy,
Required no contemplation,

Just commonplace, they said, “Routine,
Been done a thousand times,
And while we’re in there we’ll repair
Two toes, ‘twould be a crime…

To not correct two hammer toes,
Be painful down the road.
We’ll straighten them and then you’ll see
The comfort that you’re owed.”

Initially the foot looked good.
I thought the job just fine.
At last no bump, no bunion there;
A “normal” foot was mine.

But now fast-forward then ‘til now,
My foot, oh, wow, it’s bad!
The toes so crooked, leaning West,
Horrendous, I might add...

But didn’t hurt, that is, ‘til now,
Then made up for lost time.
And now I’m faced with surgery.
I wish I could decline…

But leaving things the way they are
Just isn’t, well, an option.
I only hope the doctor’s one
Who’s skilled and somewhat cautious,

‘Cause when I talked to him today,
He said he’s never found
A complicated case like mine.
That statement’s quite profound.

So all that I can do is pray,
I know God’s in control.
I pray He’ll bless the surgeon’s hands,
That he achieves the goal…

Of restoration and repair,
A foot that functions “right.”
No leaning toes, I’m done with those.
Let's hope the end's in sight.

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