Tuesday, April 26, 2016


I've discovered that having this blog and sharing the events surrounding my foot surgery has been very cathartic, a diary of sorts...that rhymes.  So you've all been with me through the process, at least the impending surgery and the operation, to today's post, my post-op analysis.  And I hope I've been able to add a little levity to all of this, if you don't need it, I do.  Now I find out that I won't really see my foot for myself for 8 days, my appointment with the doctor and dressing removal on May 4th.  I'll have to sit tight until then, because I have no choice.  The leg and foot block hasn't worn off yet so I'm pretty much pain-free, for now.  Based on what those who followed up with me today have said, when it does regain feeling, I'm in for a real treat.  Yay!!!  So here is today's post, post-op.

By Patty Lynn

So here I sit this morning, a day post-surgery.
My left foot elevated above my heart’s, that’s key.
The doctor chose a walking boot, I know I should be thrilled,
But “walking,” are you kidding me, with joy my cup's not filled.

I’m feeling back to “normal,” but stuck is really it.
I hate using a walker, don’t like it, not one bit!
And being so immobile, I know it has to be,
But I don’t have to like it ‘cause sitting still’s not me!

Now that’s it for complaining, except…oh, I was kidding,
Besides my husband’s wonderful, right there to do my bidding,
And that’s the hardest thing for me, my needing so much help.
I’d rather have the luxury of doing for myself.

But that won’t be for several days, I’ll just have to accept it,
‘cause if I grab for this or that, my husband intercepts it.
There were some things I did myself today and, gosh I loved it!
I washed my hair & styled it too, put make-up on, proud of it!

So now I look at lot like me, not like that aging lady.
I’m still a gimp with quite a limp with my dear Frank to aide me,
Who’s waiting for the day that I can walk on my appendage,
And when I look at my new foot and say, “My foot looks splendid!”

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