Friday, April 1, 2016


Perhaps I should rename my blog Politically Speaking. Not really, but, the current political atmosphere being what it is has given me so many reasons to write, that I can't help myself.

As I mentioned in last night's blog, initially I only sent this poem to a select few, as I was afraid I'd offend someone by actually mentioning names.  Well, in speaking with those who did receive it, the general consensus was that I should go ahead and send it to everyone of my followers.  So, here it is. You be the judge.

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By Patty Lynn

“What’s wrong with you,” now there’s a phrase, one I would never say.
It’s so demeaning, so unkind, the worst in every way!
But I confess, in recent weeks, I’ve thought this awful phrase.
It seems, I cannot help myself, I’m in a kind of daze.

Each evening when I watch TV & hear the U.S. news,
And get the latest coverage and sometimes interviews…
Of this or that one’s brilliant words concerning politics.
It soon will turn into reports of “Donald’s” latest tricks…

At least that’s my take, since it seems he’s taken to inciting…
His fans to lash out, much as he, encouraging their fighting…
To act in his defense because he’s surely is a victim…
Of all of his disruptors who protest and will not pick him.

And speaking of his fans and his supporters by the score,
How is it they’ve aligned themselves with no one like before,
Someone so crass, belligerent, that no one can deny,
Whose rhetoric can be described as his own battle cry.

There isn’t any substance to the things he does and says,
Just idle words that leave me cold, unable to think PRES?
And that’s my quandary as I see the throngs that stand in line.
How can they say, “As President, our Donald would be fine?”

The concept's so alarming, it defies my comprehension.
My thoughts now stray ahead to the Republican Convention,
And I am faced with what might be the Presidential ticket
At such a prospect, I confess, my ire does illicit…

Between, his honor, Donald Trump, and let’s say, Mrs. Clinton,
He just might win, a tragedy, at least in my opinion.
It makes me scared, l’m scared to death that it could really happen.
I can’t believe it’s possible, I can’t even imagine.

So, to the folks who crowd the streets and clog up all the highways…
To show support for Donald Trump, who look at this all sideways,
I can’t help say, “What’s wrong with you?” I just don’t understand.
How can you think that he can be leader of our land?

I know I’m not supposed to be so pointed in my views,
Not come right out and state them but this warning’s my excuse:
Be careful of suspicious wolves who come in their sheep’s clothing,
Because, you’ll see, that just like me, you’re left with fear and loathing!

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