Thursday, April 28, 2016


Tonight's blog concerns itself with the pain of it all, but I don't want to dwell on that.  So, this one's a short one.  Let's hope the pain will be too.

By Patty Lynn

The operation on my foot I knew was complicated,
But I could not imagine all the pain it generated.
You see, I had a nerve block for my leg and for my foot,
Was told that it would last a day or two, it should.

So I was blessed, I was pain-free much longer than predicted,
But when the pain set in I knew how much had been inflicted.
I now knew why that I was urged to keep pain meds on board,
Because forgetting only brought more pain as the reward.

The last two nights were awful ones, with stabbing, shooting pains
From top of foot to souls then toes like jumping, burning flames.
It got so bad that I’d cry out because I simply had to
Which woke my husband who would try to help, said he was glad to.

Tonight I hope will be improved and that I’ll stay in bed,
That all my pain will stay away and I can sleep instead.
Besides I know that I will heal much better if I’m rested.
Recovery, will shorter be, you see it’s all connected.                                                             

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