Monday, April 25, 2016


In a few minutes I will have to go through the surgical shower process, and believe me, it is a process.  Antibacterial soap from head to toe, a hair wash and drying with not styling, no hair spray
(oh, save me!) and no makeup (Yikes!!)  But I have to follow the process they've set out and at 12:30 we'll leave to be at the hospital at 1PM.  The anxiety hasn't really subsided but I've been praying hard and so have my family and friends, so, it's in God's hands and I know I can count on him.

By Patty Lynn

Today’s the day, it’s almost here, I wish I could be glad,
But now comes the reality and, frankly, I’m just mad.
I finally found an exercise I love to do each day,
And now I’m fraught with surgery and fears I can’t allay.

You see, I’ve got a crippled foot, my left, to be exact,   
And if I leave it like it is, my walking I’ll subtract…
From daily life, I’ll have to quit the very thing I love.
The thought of that and surgery is nothing short of rough.

My friends and family have been great, encouraging, supportive.
The problem has two options, though, and both of them I’ve courted.
If I do nothing, pretty soon to walk I’ll be unable.
Correct the problem surgically, I’ll be upon the “table…”

And there I’ll lay as he attempts to deconstruct my foot.
He says he’ll fuse the one big toe, I’m glad that I can’t look,
Especially when he breaks the rest and pins them all in place,
In hopes that in 8 weeks from now, I’ll walk with style and grace.

Well, I don’t care how it will look or if I’ll recognize it.
God grant me, please, a foot that walks and I will not despise it.
For I’ll go back to walking tall, outside or on the treadmill.

Yes, that would be a miracle, two healthy feet that tread well.

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