Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Kind of a weird name for a blog, don't you agree? The past week has made me wish just that and more than once.  You see, our little dog, Cooper, has been very sick but from what or because of what we still don't know.  He ran out to the backyard on Wednesday and came back to the house two minutes later walking and acting completely different.  He began to shake uncontrollably and pant, I mean really pant.  When he walked his back end dipped way down and his tail was between his legs.
He'd occasionally yelp but we couldn't determine where he hurt but the shaking and panting told us he was in pain and that doesn't wash with us.  We felt we had to get some answers if he refused to talk to us, so we went to the vet who gave him a lot to relieve the pain and a muscle relaxer as his abdomen was extremely taught.  We followed the doctor's orders but found by Saturday that he obviously had too much of everything and we should cut back.  Yesterday he started to show signs of improvement and though he's not out of the woods completely, we're on the road to recovery.  Six days and $600 later we're fairly confident that this is winding down.  All this because he refused to talk to us!

By Patty Lynn

They burrow in your heart, they do,
And hold a special place,
Way deep inside, in recesses,
So crowded is that space.

That’s why you ache when they grow ill
And haven’t got a clue.
If only they could tell you how…
They feel, could talk to you.

Our little one, our doggie dear,
He’s just so sick, forlorn,
And we can’t figure out his plight,
In our sides, it's a thorn.

And yet we’ve tried and tried to find
An answer, cure, solution.
But even the professionals
Leave us with just confusion.

A week has passed and still we can’t...
Determine what to do,
But what we’ve done is pray a lot,
Our praying isn’t through.

He seemed today to perk up some,
But not “out of the woods.”
We’ll have to trust he’ll come at last
To health, that something good…

Will come of this, at least I hope…
He’ll be himself someday,
For life without our Cooper boy
Will never be okay.

For, as I said, he’s burrowed in…
Our hearts, our spirits, too.
We've had it with elusive things,
His normal’s overdue.

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