Monday, April 18, 2016


By Patty Lynn

If you have read the poem I wrote,
The last one on my blog,
You know that we were sad because
A sickness struck our dog.

He walked real slow and didn’t wag,
His tail between his legs.
He shook and panted constantly.
We knew that it was bad…

But even when we took him in…
To see the vet, she said:
"His tests have all come back OK.
I know you’re filled with dread…

But I’ll give something that will help
To take away the pain.
With rest, perhaps, this thing will end
And hopefully he’ll gain…

The strength he’s needs to be himself,
To run, to beg, to bark,
And those last two, that bothered you,
They represent his spark.

And you’ll be glad when they return,
To have him like before,
Alert to anything that moves,
Go crazy at the door...

When someone comes and then to jump
On anyone who enters.
To go “hog wild” whoever comes,
Especially family members."

We came real close to losing him,
It lasted way too long.
Our Cooper Boy, had lost his joy,
We tried to be real strong,

And then we thought, "Perhaps the pills
He got to ease the pain,
They just might be too much for him,
Perhaps we should refrain."

And when we did we saw a change,
Saw glimmers of past,
Decided we should keep that up,
And maybe it would last.

So Sunday when we both returned…
From church, and came right in,
We saw a little something there,
Began to seem…like him.

And so I’m glad I can report
He’s back to being normal.
He isn’t sick, he’s feeling good!
That week-long thing was horrible!

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