Tuesday, March 29, 2016


As I've said before, sometimes a poem just comes and has almost a mind of its own.  And yesterday that's just what happened.  I'm sure the embers of it began long before then, but it reached a point that I had to put my feelings into words.  Many of you know that I've been plagued with a bad back for many years and in the last six months, things had gone from bad to worse.  I lived my life with the help of exercise and pain pills and that worked for many years, but over the course of those years the pain had increased past the point where that regime no longer worked.  What's worse, my pain meds could no longer be increased to address the added pain as that, in itself, would be detrimental to my health.

But I was blessed. By that I mean that my daughter and son-in-law found a therapy, called Prolotherapy, that they believed would improve my back pain and address it without any added meds. My daughter had first-hand experience with this method, as she had found it gave her vast improvement with her acute shoulder pain.  Even the difficulty I would have getting to this facility, as it was outside Chicago, they addressed by offering to drive me there once a month for treatment.

I'm happy to report that after five treatments my quality of life is much improved and I have the stamina to do many of the things that I found not only difficult but impossible and my pain is greatly decreased. I'm continuing with treatment and feel at last my future is even brighter.  How could I be anything but grateful. As the poem says, I am blessed.

By Patty Lynn

I’m blessed that’s all that I say, there’s much I’m thankful for,      
Like family and friends to see and walking out the door…
To grocery shop or mail a letter, you think that sounds mundane
But I’m content to do just that, I really can’t complain.

"How boring,” you may say it sounds, this life described by me,
But at this point I find myself unable to agree.
You see, as you get older, there may be limitations,
And even younger me might say, “I have my expectations…

Of how I’ll be when “old” like you.” “OK, I understand,
But age and bodies have their say, won’t do all that you’ve planned.”
It’s possible to change the course of time, you may be lucky,
Want possibilities limitless, it’s obvious you’re plucky…

And not content to just accept these things that I am sharing.
That’s good, keep active, eat for health, not find your life comparing…
To mine at all, and that’s so great, but I am not complaining.
I wrote this so that you would know; I hoped some insight gaining.

Let me be clear, I only speak from my experience.
Perhaps you’ll find it won’t be true and there will be a difference…
Between the way that you grow old and how it is for me.
If limited or limitless, whatever it may be...

I pray that you’ll be grateful and realize you’re blessed.
Your life is what you make of it, to that I can attest.
So trust that God is in control, He loves & cares for you,
And whether simple or complex, He’ll every day renew…

Your mind and spirit, heart and soul, fulfill your every need,
Provide you comfort, give you strength, and that is guaranteed.
Regardless what you face in life, contentment to distress,
Accept His hand in everything and you, too, can be blessed.

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