Friday, March 11, 2016


By Patty Lynn

I saw a sign the other day, and this is what it said,
That life is short so you should do what you enjoy, it read.
I wondered if those words were meant for me, retired me,
Or were they only for the young and being young the key?

I hearkened back to twenty-one, when dreams were really fresh
And I was so excited wanting everything to mesh,
My life, career, my goals and love, yes, love, I wanted that,
But wondered could that really work or would it all fall flat?

By twenty-five I had it all, soon children came along,
And, truth be told, I even got to act & and sing a song,
For I participated in productions in my town.
I thought I was the luckiest, the luckiest girl around.

And then my babies both grew up and I was someone new,
For I became a grandma, t'was just the best I ever knew
In being that I was fulfilled, this role was tailor-made.
With every precious kiss and hug, I’m never over-paid.

And like my own, not babies now, but little ones they be.
They need their Grandma not as much and that’s OK with me.
No singing now, the voice is gone, I’ve settled into us.
I’m satisfied to be myself, no dreams to be discussed.

For as the sign that prompted this, I do just what I love,
I spend most days relaxed with you and surely God above.
Retired, yes, but I’m content to be just who I am,
A grown up girl, who used to sing, your wife and helpful Gram.

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